Polo Sketches

Back on the polo grounds this weekend. While I used no new brushes on this sketch, it was fun to add another polo sketch to my dedicated polo sketchbook.

My dearest friend is visiting from Philadelphia. Then we realized the people around us were from South Jersey. Soon Jim found out he had some acquaintances in common with these people. Snacks and alcohol were shared.

Sarasota Polo Club is making some changes to the way they handle the seating. While I’ve been expecting it to happen, the additional charges for the premier seating was confusing and seemed to harbor resentment instead of the friendliness that always prevailed at these matches. Hoping that the changes made in the future don’t compromise the atmosphere that has always made these matches a Sunday Funday.

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No Brush Left Behind #8 – Work in Progress

Have not had much opportunity to spend time in the Studio. Too much volunteering!

Today’s work in progress is for the February Paint My Photo monthly challenge. The theme is STANDING. Rather than use one of their photos, I am going to use one I took at the polo fields before a match. Lots of standing going on in this picture. I will download it to the PMP site, so it is eligible for me to use for the challenge

This is an odd one for me. I don’t usually paint in sections, more preferring to attack a painting in an “everywhere at once” mode, and finish it in one sitting. But this is a complicated subject (still not sure I have all the wrapped legs in there) and I am doing it in a rather small (8″ x 10″) format.

As we have company coming in tomorrow for a bit, not sure when you’ll see the completed piece, but I’m thinking it might be a study for a larger painting.

Brush Report;

1″ flat, Richeson Professional 7010 England and 1″ Richeson Kolinsky 6229 Germany. As I’ve said before, I am not a good wash artist….but these are both keepers. No splitting of the hairs and hold a lovely belly full of paint. Used them on the sky, grass and parts of the trailer.

Brushes remaking to use: 145

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No Brush Left Behind #7


Chubby Bluebird (5″ x 7″ watercolor, Arches 140 lb. CP paper)

Just used one new brush today as I needed to do a quick, small painting as a donation for Sarasota Audubon Society’s Photograph show raffle.  I did use two of my travel brushes (my tried and trues).  This bluebird is based on Hughva’s photo that can be found on Paint My Photo here.  (You need to set up an account to sign in – no fee and in this way they are certain the Photographers are getting the views they deserve for providing their photos for our use.)

If you’d like to win this painting in the raffle, stop by the Sarasota Audubon Nature Center’s reception for the Photo Show at 999 Center Road in Sarasota on Saturday February 2, 2019 from 4:00 to 6:00 p.m.  Raffle tickets are $1.00 each.

fullsizeoutput_c58Brush Report:

Brush is marked Kolonok.com Russia, #10, 1001.  I believe it is sable by the way it behaves.  It holds a place of honor in the brush holder on my desk.  Holds tons and tons of water in it’s fat belly (perfect for this painting), and makes a sweet little point.  Another “go-to” brush.

Used:  1 Brush

Remaining Brushes to use 147.

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“All Decked Out” 7″ x 10″ watercolor depicting a lovely Arabian in a costume class, is on it’s way to it’s forever wall.

Thanks LEA.  It’s always a treat to sell a painting, but especially rewarding when another artist purchases a piece.

From the Sunshine State of Florida to the Sunny State of  California, “All Decked Out” is heading to it’s new  home.


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No Brush Left Behind #5 – A Foray into Abstract;

fullsizeoutput_c4dI love art challenges.  The people who have the vision to create them and keep them going are an inspiration.  They always push and pull me along a journey I would not have taken.  Preferring, instead, to stay in my safe zone…where all good passion goes to die.

This month’s Paint My Photo Challenge was an abstract.  I have never enjoyed abstract painting.  Don’t understand it, and the word that crosses my mind most when viewing it is: “Why?”  You can try to explain it to me, and I may get some of it, but I will probably will still be thinking “Why?” in my head.

Wasn’t even going to participate.  But experimenting with my brushes and had some paint left over.  So I originally messed around with some shapes, colors, etc.  It is in the recycle bin.  Then I tried the bird abstract that I blogged about in No Brush Left Behind #2.  That looked like a child did it. And the best thing I can say about it is that I used some of my brushes for the challenge.

From the Paint My Photo Site, I picked a photo by John Warren of a canal with dappled sunlight which can be found here.  And another 6 brushes from the unused yet bin.

While I am still not crazy about abstract.  There are parts of this that I really like.  Like the part where I got so frustrated I took a razor blade and scratched through the paint down to the paper.  It created a texture that simulated the windows in the reference photo.

Most abstracts I see are dark paintings with random splotches of color to grab your eye.  The palette I used (my normal) gave this a light and whimsical feel….not my association with abstracts. Maybe I’d like them more if they were all bright and happy.

All-in-all, a frustrating but fun experience.  Frankly, this will probably become part of a collage, but I am not totally unpleased with it overall.


White Sable Goliath.   Sure did cover a lot of ground.  Soft and pliable.. Holds lots of water and paint and made those great green splatters (when tapped on my finger) in the top right hand side of the painting.

White Sable Skyscraper (Big Flat)  Also covered a lot of paper.  But the best part was using the handle to smear out some watercolor ground to get some texture in the white space.

Long handled cat’s tongue – All the markings came off with the top layer of the veneer. Very stiff bristles.  Used it to scrub out and soften sections.  Did a great job!

Liquitex 8 Kolinsky Plus Round 590.  Dropped lovely puddles of color, and despite it’s fat looking tip, came to a decent point.

Rafael 8802 made in France Rigger – One of my “go to” brushes.  Not just used for expressive lines, but pushed on and jiggled can make some wonderful shapes.  Love this brush.  It holds a place of honor on my art desk.

Loew-Cornell 7050C Script Liner – Another “go to” brush with similar properties of the Rafael….just not as fine pointed and doesn’t bend quite as easily.

Used: 6 Brushes

Remaining brushes to use: 148 (So happy to be under 150 at last!)

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No Brush Left Behind #4 – Polo Sketch

Didn’t even get to finish my sketch at the polo field on Sunday. Too much fun going on.

But, in addition to my travel brushes, take an extra to try. A Robert Simmons E85 round. Used it for the grassy area. Not a fan. Nice flexibility, held water, no point. Are we seeing a trend here.

NOTE TO SELF: Try with acrylics.

BRUSH REPORT 1/15/19 – Thankfully no new brushes found,

Used: 1 Brush

Remaining brushes to use: 154

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Here We Go Again

My first foray into the local art scene in Florida.

When we lived in NJ, I would quite often participate in the local art shows. A chance to get your work seen, enjoy the camaraderie of other artists, and perhaps win some prize money. Schlepping paintings, paying entry fees and banged up frames were the downside to these shows.

As our life is such a whirlwind of events, visitors and the beautiful spontaneity of retirement, I had not entered any shows in Florida yet. We never knew when we were going to be home to pick up non-accepted paintings or we weren’t here to pick paintings up at the end of the show. . Also, the wealth of talent here is extremely impressive…..and a bit intimidating. But, as far as I know, no one ever died because they weren’t juried into an art show.

For 2019, one of my other art goals (besides the No Brush Left Behind” challenge) is to get back to spending more time with my art. Experimenting, playing, painting what and when I want. Today I dropped off two paintings to the Suncoast Florida Watercolor Society’s Aqueous exhibition which will be held at the Manatee Art Center until the end of February. One was accepted.

Considering it’s inclusion in this show a good omen.

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No Brush Left Behind #3


Least Bittern – Watercolor 4″ x 6″

We tried to level the playing field today.  Painting small, (4″ x 6″, my standard size for making greeting cards) and using Arches paper and some small brushes.  The reeds in the painting were done with the large flat.  It separated quite a bit, but could make some nice texture if that’s what you’re after.  Not sure you could get a good wash from this brush.  Considering I’ve never been adept at washes, it wouldn’t matter.   The round was a handy brush holding lots of water, but not coming to a point the way I like.  The Ultra Mini liner came in great for the smaller details.  Like putting eyelashes on seagulls…..something I try to avoid, but needed for this piece.

I did make a big puddle of watercolor and tried the big brush from No Brush Behind #2  It basically made pale lines on the scrap piece of paper,   You’d have to squeeze half a tube on the palette and plaster that brush in there.  Then I think you’d get some strong lines on a scrap piece of paper.  I’ll try it again the next time I have the acrylics out.

Today’s Cast of Characters:


Round Brush – markings rubbed off, but a number 70000-8 and Japan visible on the end

1 Delta Sablon #554 Dominican Rep.

20/0 Silver Ultra Mini liner 24225 Japan


BRUSH REPORT  1/11/19  – Update – Sadly, or maybe excitedly, I found another lot of lost and lonely brushes in the drawers next to my desk.  Fifteen more.  So the total brushes to be used:  165.  For the first painting,  I used 7, bringing the total down to 158.  Higher than when I started.  It’s going to be a long project!


Used 3

Remaining Brushes to use: 155

Hopefully, I don’t find any more brushes!


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No Brush Left Behind #2

Painted in Acrylics.  Repeat after me:  They are not all masterpieces.  Experimenting is practice.  Stretching is scary.  Showing the bad ones is daunting.  I don’t really care for the painting and may wind up collaging over it.  However, it was an interesting day and definitely added to my painting knowledge

Starting with the Big Brush, thinking I was going to work on an abstract for the December/January monthly challenge on Paint My Photo.  Using Linda Anderson’s Gold Finch photo that can be found here.   That’s how it started anyway. I even had a small value sketch to work from.

Here’s today’s cast of characters:

Big Brush is marked Harrison’s pure bristle XL Master Fitch 1 1/2

Flat Brush is marked Signet by Robert Simmons 40 F NYC

Round is marked Sienna Robert Simmons SN85 Round

Small Brush is marked Escoda Reserva Kolinsky Tajmyr

What I learned today…..

Big brushes need big piles of spread out paint.  Otherwise you wind up with them all mingled together!  Perhaps if I had gone to art school I would have learned this simple, but important lesson!.  Some brown, yellow and white. That big stiff brush made some interesting marks as it drug the paint across the paper.  NOTE TO SELF – Try that big brush with a puddle of watercolor.

After the background dried, I thought I was adding the suggestion of dried coneflowers using the small round.  They felt like blobs, so I hit them with the flat brush.  Already not enjoying this.  The bird was supposed to be an abstract shape but just turned back into a strange bird..

A few more squiggles with the small brush and I was already down the rabbit hole of not liking what was coming out.  So I added some Schmincke gold powder thinking a bit of bling would help.  Yeah, I think they are some sayings about that sow’s ears and silk purses that might be applicable here.

Because I had paint left on the palette, I pulled some semi-used Yupo paper and experimented a bit more. Who knows. Might use that piece as the basis for an abstract. Stay tuned.


Starting Inventory 150

Used 7

Remaining Brushes to use:  143

“Did You Art Today?”