Did You Art Today? Summertime!


While summertime fun might be curtailed for many, there are still summertime pleasures that can be enjoyed. And a good piece of watermelon is top on my list.

Done in my altered book art journal, with collaged paper that I made with a Gelli plate, this page makes me smile. Which is the whole point of summertime fun!

“Did You Art Today?”

Did You Art Today? One Reference, Two Paintings

My new Facebook group, DID YOU ART TODAY? is small, but has definitely inspired me, reunited me and introduced me to some new creatives.

Cleaning up photos on my iPhone, I realize I take a lot of “reference” photos that I honestly believe will someday be paintings. Next goal: paint some of those babies, then delete them!

Yesterday I broke out the oils. I think this is the 5th time I’ve ever painted with them. By the time I finished, I was covered in paint and felt sticky. I realized if I want to continue messing with them, a new red is in order. Alizarin Crimson just ain’t cutting it. And, I’ll have to wait until it dries a bit to sign it….otherswise I’d be covered in paint again as I drag my left hand across the wet paint.

Then I grabbed my trusty watercolors. Liked that rendition much better! My palette has a bit more zing. Much easier clean up too.

Both pieces are 8” x 10”, oil on canvas, watercolor on Arches 140 Lb. HP.

Put a check in the Yes box!

“‘Did You Art Today?”

Did You Art Today?

#journalthroughit exercise presented by Kimberly Kelly Santini. Lines and color. Done in my altered book art journal

Spinning my paper, spinning my models, overlapping, coloring. How much fun can an art journal be? Unending!

The right-hand owl page still isn’t finished and I really thought I was putting owls on the left hand side, too. Little did I know that was not going to happen. The beauty of an art journal. Like living in a “Where’s Waldo” world. You do whatever you please, whenever you please. You don’t even have to show it to anyone. It’s your safe place and your playhouse rolled into one.

Never done an art journal? Neither had I. Advice? I give it a 10 for satisfaction during a time when processing the craziness of the days, weeks and months seems unbearable.

“Did You Art Today?”

Did You Art Today? Card Art

Back at You!

Measuring 4”x 6”, I sketched directly from the photo, changed up the background a bit, then added my watercolor, and some white with a Posca pen. He’ll end up on a card.

Using a photo I took at the Celery Fields the last time we went birdwatching there.

The mouse sat stock still for the longest time, surrounded by the very elegant alligator flags. Busy watching a momma Purple Gallinule feeding her chicks, he was almost overlooked. With his back to us sitting under those large leaves, he looked like he belonged in a Beatrix Potter illustration.

Funny thing about perspective. He looked cute out there, but had I spotted him anywhere near my house, I would have freaked!

It’s all in the view!

“‘Did You Art Today?”

Did You Art Today? Turning Sketches into Card Art

Took my #Mondaymission727 sketch, made a copy of it, but reduced the size by 80%. Transferred the copy twice (using Saral transfer paper) onto 4” x 6” watercolor papers and used water soluble pencils (Stabilo) to outline the tracing.

In the first piece, which I did yesterday, I used some favorite colors; pink, purple and blue. These are staples on my palette and in my work. Adding some salt to the wet background I knew would give a starry, twinkle feel. This piece is likable, safe, predictable. Soft, and meditative. As a Buddha should be.

In the second piece, I used a blue I don’t often use and orange. Compliments on the color wheel, I was hoping for pop. Just looks muddy to me. I scribbled in the background with more Stabilo pencils. And at it I went with watercolor. Not particularly fond of this piece, but feel there’s some symbolism in a very calm Buddha sitting amongst chaos and discord. Kind of like I try to be when I watch the news.

Besides learning I don’t care for that particular blue and orange together, I also don’t care for the outline feel of these pieces. I had expected the Stabilo pencils to dissolve more. For my personal taste, hard lines on a soft watercolor should be minimal….only to be used possibly for a center of interest.

The predictable blue, pink and purple will be turned into a card, the other might get pasted into my altered book art journal. Or gessoed over, or collaged onto something else

But it is always good to art, always good to learn.

“Did You Art Today?”

Did You Art Today – Mission Monday 7/27.20

Back to the sketchbook today. Our mission was to find something outside that you love and make some art.

She watches me as I have my morning tea on the lanai. The geckos love to perch atop her. She sees all, through her downcast eyes. She stays calm and resolute through monsoon rains and scorching heat. She holds a stone heart, a red cardinal and wears some faded turquoise around her neck. She’s a friend and mentor.

She is worthy of my attention and love.

“‘Did You Art Today?”