Passing On


He was my mentor, my friend, and an all around sweet soul. Dan Hines, changed the way I paint, he helped me see beyond the photograph, to grasp the essence of the scene. He showed me how to make a painting sing and fall off the brush. Teaching in a dedicated, and helpful way, he influenced my teaching style. And he is always in my heart when I need artistic help.

Dan Hines has passed. I thank you from the bottom of my heart, and try to pass your legacy to my own students.

Dan’s daughter and I have maintained and expanded a friendship. She has graciously, and generously passed on a great deal of supplies, trinkets and treasures from Dan’s studio. The resulting freedom is exhilarating. Any extra supplies will be passed on to my students.

As a thank you I had contemplated doing a portrait of Dan as a gift for her. But, in the infinite wisdom of the Universe, she commissioned me to paint from a photo she had come across. When I saw the photo, it gave me goosebumps.

Doing value sketches, keeping Dan’s memory and the stories he told nearby while painting, I wasn’t surprised it felt effortless and full of joy. Tears were shared when we connected and I gave her the painting.

Knowing his daughter wouldn’t allow me to just give her the painting as a thank you, I asked instead that she forward a donation to the charity of her choice. This morning I realize that passing on has a myriad of meanings and emotions. But they all touch your heart.