Answered Prayers


Maybe not in the way I expected, but the light is shining.

Prolific is a good description for me. Bulging sketchbooks, tons of thumbnails, field studies, demonstration paintings for classes and years of practice have produced a lot of papers with marks on them. Add into the mix: I am a child of depression-era parents.

As I’ve aged, there are more funerals to attend. My ever growing collection of “recordings” has weighed heavy on my creativity. Why do I keep making this mark, painting this painting? Does it only add to the clutter in this world? (It sure adds to the clutter in my studio.) Who will bear the brunt of tossing them? Will they feel guilty, hate me for leaving this burden? But drawing and painting are like breathing for me, and stopping is not an option.

Behold the Facebook miracle, by which I was made aware of the group Art Abandonment. Go ahead look it up. Here’s the mission statement: Art Abandonment is a group of artists sharing what we love to do by leaving artwork at random locations across the globe for others to enjoy

So I’ve taken to collaging these paintings and marks into notecards, and packaging them in a Baggie with a note explaining the concept. Kept in my handbag at the ready, I plot where I am going to leave them. My mission: finding just the right spot, not be noticed and take a photo of my “drop” . Feeling like a mischievous child when done.

There is an email whereby recipients can report their findings, and I chose to put my email on my info tag. Out of the seven I have done so far, I have heard from one. My Abandonment was found by an 11 year old who was so excited to have her first piece of “real art” and to hear back from her artist.

Reading the posts on the Facebook page of this group has become my antidote for the morning news. Reminding me that a simple act can send out a beam of hope and beauty so bright as to restore my faith in humanity.

And turning a studio that felt stufffed into a studio filled with shining points of light.



Draw a Bird Day

Yesterday was Draw a Bird Day. Who’da ever thunk there was such a thing. People may complain about Facebook, but this important day would have slipped by me unnoticed if it hadn’t been for a post by The National Audubon Society. Whew, glad I found out before it was too late.

To honor this important event, I had my students do bird paintings and I joined them using a piece of stenciled paper I had. Liking the look. And, to let you know I don’t just follow the crowd, I’ve also included some other avian paintings to celebrate this important holiday.