Floral Friday 1/29/16


Floral Friday is a little late this week.  That tells me something, and I am going to listen.  The  19th painting in this series, it is also going to be the last …..for now. We are taking a leave of absence for a bit.  Found myself struggling for inspiration and motivation this week. Art is always fun for me, so I made the executive decision to give it a break.  That doesn’t mean I”ll stop painting, but it just will be something else. Perhaps Watercolor Wednesday. Or perhaps I’ll just keep up with my Moving Musings as we continue to tackle the joy of moving.  We’ll see.

Today’s painting was based on a reference photo provided to artists by Kathy Patterson on the photo sharing site, Paint My Photo.

“Did You Art Today?”


Moving Musings 1/25/16

  Finding fun in our blizzard. Not sure I’ll get to do these in the future!  Should have gone sledding with the grands nieces and nephews, but the roads were still “difficult”.  How did you find fun in the blizzard!
   “Did You Art Today?”

Floral Friday 1/22/16


Using your imagination, for an artist, is key.  Ignoring the blizzard expected tomorrow, I am painting flowers.

Here is my fourth painting of the same photo by Uschi that is posted on the photo sharing website, Paint My Photo. Last week, I thought I had finished with this photograph.  Three small paintings with dark backgrounds seemed to have exhausted this photo’s charm.  That was last week. Yesterday, I thought of a  different approach.  Why was I limiting myself to the small size, did I have to paint the background dark?  

Brighter and lighter, I think I am fighting this blizzard in my studio. 

Stay safe my friends.  Between shoveling and warming up, I am planning to work on commissions.  It’s a great time to “art.”

 “Did You Art Today?”

Moving Musings

Dedicating my Moleskine sketchbook to capturing random thoughts about our upcoming move.  However, I must admit, I am not a fan of this particular type of sketchbook for my purposes.  Doesn’t accept watercolor very well, and my Micron pen smudges easily…especially difficult for us lefties.
“Did You Art Today?”

Therapy for Change



Moving from an area in which you have spent your entire 63 years is not without some angst.  Downsizing, a longtime goal in theory, does not come without soul searching.  This stuff that meant so much, now just takes up space.  Decisions to sell, take, or give it away bring about thoughts of responsibility, monies spent, time used to acquire and maintain.  Disruptive, time-consuming, disorganized, a mess.   Do I really want this simple life? It certainly doesn’t feel simple right now.  The word simplicity has been on my personal mission statement for years.

So why is it sometimes so dang hard?

Not prone to regrets, and armed with a faith that I have the resources and wherewithal to handle what life has handed me, I am surprised at the moments of self reflection, nostalgia and close to the surface emotions.  Time for another change.

A new plan of attack.

Disposition of Stuff Therapy:  Take the easy route.

Emotional Therapy:  When I start thinking I will miss someone or something…..like the family and friends ……I’ve decided that when I do spend time with them, it will be meaningful and loving.  If I start thinking about missing the warmth of the fireplace, I can think about the warmth of the sun at the pool or on the beach.  When I get overwhelmed, I can remember that I would regret not taking this opportunity.

Art Therapy:   Art journaling.   A way to pull together the reality that I don’t have as much time to seriously “art” at this juncture in my life, with my ever present need to make a mark.  Creating a personal memory book in this time of transition.  Somehow, someway, recording my journey to our next chapter feels right.

So happy to have my art to keep me grounded.

“Did You Art Today?”

Floral Friday 1\14\16 Do It Again

Hat check.  Triple play.  Third time’s a charm! Using the same photo from the past two weeks, I now have three paintings from the same reference photo.(Uschi’sphoto on the wonderful photo reference site Paint My Photo.)

Think I’ve about tapped out this photo, but will contemplate this week to see if I can find another  painting, from this single source.  Not sure it’s there, but I’ll give it a week to ponder and see if there’s one more view, one more angle, one more way, or one more…  painting. We’ll see.

Have you ever challenged yourself to paint the same subject in different ways over several different paintings? I’d love to hear your thoughts. Think this would have been easier to do in one sitting.  All the colors would have been mixed and ready for the paper.  But then, again, great experience in color mixing.

It’s getting harder to take pictures of my paintings in a setting, as lots of my knock knacks are packed away getting ready for the move. Hoping to be able to continue Floral Friday’s throughout the chaos….may have to paint ahead a bit.  The upcoming move is getting very exciting, but very disruptive.

I like the way the three of them look together. 

Water colors 5.5’X 7.5″matted to 8″ X 10″, $65.00 each.
‘Did You Art Today?”

Floral Friday 1/8/16 – Dash of Splash



Today’s Floral Friday is from the same reference photo I used last week.  A photo posted by Uschi on Paint My Photo.

Yep same reference picture.

While I was somewhat satisfied with last week’s painting, I felt it lacked something.

When painting commissi0ns, it’s all about the detail.  The challenge  is to bring my style to the painting. When painting from a photo, how do you bring the essence to the game?

When painting from my photos, I am blessed to have the memory.  Taking a moment to recall the day, the feeling, the smells and sounds before starting can often have a zen aspect to the execution of a painting.

But this was someone else’s photo, and I felt my first painting a bit flat and too detailed for my spirit.  I had no personal connection to the photo.   So I revisited it,  searching for what made me chose it in the first place.  The dramatic dark background, the white peony in amongst the soft drooping lilacs?

Time to improvise.  A little bit of lavender oil on a cotton ball sitting on my desk did the trick. Instantly transporting me to a lilac-lined backyard far away and years ago. A connection.

What do you do to add a dash of splash to your paintings?

‘Did You Art Today?”