Sweet Treats

A little late to the party today for the Autumn Art Challenge, Day 2,  so I used the reference photo provided by Miriam Schulman at The Inspiration Place, who is hosting this challenge.   Not exactly very autumn related, but candy seems an appropriate subject tonight, as I hand out basically packets of  sugar to weirdly dressed children.

Painted a bit hurriedly, I cheated by using white India Ink, as I’d forgotten to save my whites.  Such a rookie mistake!

But, today was my last radiation treatment, and I’m thinking I’m going to save one of those treats for myself. 
“Did You Art Today?”




Between a cancer diagnosis, a hurricane and two weeks of travel, I’ll admit the studio has been sadly, quiet for too long.

We survived the hurricane, I have my last radiation treatment tomorrow, and the doctors appointments have stopped for a bit, so I’ve signed up for Miriam Schulman’s #AutumArtChallenge.  Five days of painting.  Should be a piece of cake for me.

We started this morning with computer problems.  I love when the major cable company  mails you a big box with a note telling you you have to change out everything or you won’t have internet.  And by the way….do it now.   Problem resolved eventually, and I went to my favorite reference photo site, Paint My Photo, to find a picture to use for our first challenge – pumpkins.   A plain pumpkin  would have been the easy way out.  Instead I wanted to tell a story.  Bonnie Sitter’s photo grabbed my attention.

And then the story changed.  I felt a bit nervous.  Like a beginner, I grabbed a small piece of paper….afraid to commit to anything bigger.  The sketch worked rather well, but I dithered and fretted as I loaded fresh paint on my palette.

My uterine cancer is gone, the radiation is a proactive approach to, hopefully, keep it from returning.  Other than the discomfort that comes from four surgeries this year, I have felt pretty well physically.  Emotionally, it has been a roller coaster.  And while the first radiation treatment was a bear, I only need three, and the second was much easier.  I will be finished after tomorrow. The timing on this painting challenge was perfect.

And there I sat.  Feeling insecure in what is my passion.  Had I changed? Could I still art?

Returning to my beginnings, I took a deep breath, asked the Great Creator for guidance for my heart, my head and my hands and I picked up my trusty “butter” brush.

I’m positive I’ve changed.  But I’m back to tell you I “arted” today.  Did you?