Let Me Show You


Sometimes a picture just jumps out and screams…..paint me, paint me.  So when this one showed up in my Facebook feed, I immediately knew I was going to paint it.

Painting children and people has never been a strength of mine.  I think this may be the third year in a row that I have made practicing people one of my artistic goals.  Working my way up to it, I guess, by starting with some back shot paintings,  hoping this will help me transition to painting faces!

Frankly, children have never been a strength of mine….not in art and not in life. Somehow lacking the motherly instinct, I chose never to have my own.  A feeling I’ve never regretted.  In fact, I often feeling awkward around them, not really interested in holding them or knowing their age, or talking to them like babies.   If they’re old enough to show an interest in my studio, that’s usually about the time I can connect with them.

These are my husband’s grandkids, and therefore mine.  As you can tell they are young….going on 4 and 2.  We don’t get to see them often, but when we did last, I found myself charmed and engaged……..

Who knows, maybe they are showing me something!

“Did You Art Today?”


May Your Days Be



Pineapples have always had a place in my home. Their rough texture and interesting colors cover a sweetness that can permeate a room. We probably purchased our current home because there were pineapple coach lights on the garage doors.

There’s some sort of pineapple in every room in the house.  Hence my paintings for Christmas cards will always be centered around a pineapple.

If you’re celebrating Christmas Eve, and Christmas Day tomorrow, please take the time to take it all in.  Taste it, feel it, enjoy the aroma.  No expectations of how it used to be, how you want it to be, just how it really is.  Right now.  Celebrate with loved ones, or celebrate the strength it might take to be far away from them.

If there is sadness, embrace it, knowing that without sadness we won’t know the happy.    If you’re joyful, share your light.  Spread the kindness, spread the love

Be Merry, Be Bright.  But most of all, just BE.

Merry Christmas everyone.  Grateful for you following along on my creative journey.  Hoping the new year brings your own form of creativity to fruition. Blessings to all.


“Did You Art Today?”




With Jim being retired and bent on making every day vacation, then my cancer diagnosis, I have neither sought out or taken many commissions this year.

But I recently finished one. Referred to me by my Facebook friends in my former town of Medford, NJ, it felt like a good one to do.   A lovely picture to work with, the dog had a sweet face, and the three words they gave me to describe her were, childlike, empathetic and loving.

For a few days, the finished painting graced my studio.  The Noodle Stage I call it.  Letting it sit in a prominent spot, where I will review it as I walk by.   Waiting to be certain, there’s nothing more I feel it needs.  Waiting to be signed, photographed, matted, and shipped.

But, frankly, I found myself wondering how that painting got there.

I have a system, a checklist. Drew my sketch.  Stretched the paper.  Transferred the drawing.  There’s even a scrap of paper with color combinations and notes on which combinations would give me the zing I wanted.  But did I really just paint that dog? Or did it fall off the brush?   Almost as if someone else snuck in, wielded the brush and painted while I vacationed in creative land.

For me, when I paint in the best possible of situations, a shift occurs.  Nothing else is there.  A life of it’s own, a concentration. A freedom. Dream like.  Intuition as to where to go next.    Hardly remembering any of these decisions, there was now a complete painting in my studio.

Painting is such wonderful gift.    When I looked at the painting I was happy.  Happy it felt good, happy I have the gift.

Hoping the wonder of the Season is filling your days with happy also.

“Did You Art Today?”