Art Shows and the Point

One of the local art guilds is having another show.  Submissions must be in this evening or tomorrow.  Two paintings  are framed and ready.  The venue for the show has limited hours, staffed by dedicated volunteers.

It somehow feels like the movie Groundhog day.

When i fist started painting, I would anxiously await the jurors’ results and be devasted if my paintings were not selected.  Measured against my peers by a complete stranger somehow seemed to validate my work.  Seriously?

But I continue to participate.  If for no other fact than it gives my studio some breathing room, by giving these paintings a home for a month or so.

The shows themselves are an interesting example of our local, very talented artists.  And, in that sense, the same local talent wins the prizes, the same people show up at the reception, there are few or no sales.  While these are nice chances to catch up with fellow artists, the phrase “what’s the point” keeps popping into my head.

Perhaps the point for me is that its time to point in a different direction.


Not So Serious Art

My latest commission is almost done.  It’s taken me longer to do the background than the actual animal, but I’m loving the painting.  It’s been my main project for longer than I care to admit.  But, it’s not the only way I’ve been feeding my heArt.

My teaching has brought me some bright and fun moments.  I will usually draw, paint, or demonstrate with my students.  Painting and drawing along side, while they stretch and grow is a great way for me to practice, connect, and keep an eye on their drawings.  My drawings are usually quick sketches, perhaps some watercolor added, and viola!  Fun art even if not considered very serious.

Personally, I love the chickens.  My one student just received chicks for her birthday.  She’s such an animal lover and thrilled with her new “family” members.  (I must admit, when she showed them to me, they are cute.)  So we drew chickens.  Her drawings were delightful, and I believe her enthusiasm impacted my drawing/sketch.  They are delightfuly fun…just like her.  Oh, what we learn from teaching.

So I’ve opened my sketchbook for you today.  There’s nothing serious here, but it’s all part of the process of creating.

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It’s amazing what can happen when creative minds collaborate!

Creating Charlotte's Webs

Several weeks ago I was offered an exciting opportunity. My friend Dee is a wonderful water color artist.  She had the thought that perhaps some of her “cast off” work might be usable in making tags for my jewelry.  We’d be up-cycling pieces of her work that would otherwise be destined for a dust bin.  I LOVED the idea and was sure I could find some way to make the idea work.

Tonight I took a detour from wire wrapping pretty pendants while watching Dancing With the Stars and took my Cricut Expression cutting machine out of the box.  I searched through my pattern cartridges and found two ideas to start.  I cut and assembled a small gift bag which was embellished with a strip of one of Dee’s water colors.  Then I cut out a butterfly shadow tag and pasted it over another piece of Dee’s work.

How exciting!…

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I taught someone to draw last night

and I like it.  It makes me happy.  Happy to see the smiles.  Happy to know they will never “see” things quite the same.  Thank you Betty Edwards, (author of  Drawing on the Right Side of the Brain).  While I do not use her exercises, I use her theories.

Watching people who thought they could only draw a stick person render a likeness of an object is an amazing experience.  They didn’t believe me.  The “key” is unlocked.  They didn’t believe they could do it, and they did.  Really.  There’s clear evidence on the paper.  There it is.  Right there.  And, they had a good time in the process.   I, in turn, am gratified by their amazement.    It’s a win – win.

In an hour and a half.  They have been given the gift and I have been given back their energy and excitement.  They will of course need to practice.  But last night, they did their first drawing.  And I touched the lives of strangers with my art.  With my gift……and I am grateful.  It is a very good day.