This Week’s Card Art – Love Over Hate

Some birds and butterflies this week. Stretching again with using stencils in the backgrounds. For the butterfly painting, I drew around the stencils and then painted. Not loving the visible pencil marks and will try to remove.

The Brown Thrasher was painted directly over a marked up piece of paper. Spraying watercolor through the stencil and making some additional marks on the paper became the background. Letting it dry, I then added the Thrasher. It is my favorite of the three. Think I like the lighter tone of the background.

Lots of paint on the Purple Gallinule, but it feels a little muddy in places. In my mind, the sparkle in the lower left created by the dry brush is it’s redeeming quality.

They all measure 4″ x 6″ and will be attached to cards to be sent with love out into the world. Hoping to cancel some of the hatefulness so present these days.

Which one is your favorite?

In addition to these paintings, my desk and I were covered in scraps of paper and doodads this week. My idea for my Christmas card image this year involves collage. However, the image and I may be too stuck to my desk to finish executing it. Stay tuned.

Also, the sewing machine has magically appeared in the studio. A different kind of “make.” The bar stools at the breakfast counter need some cushions, and I couldn’t find what I wanted. This is all Mom and Dad’s fault. Depression-era parents who were creative and resourceful….they set a high bar for what you can accomplish.

A busy studio this week. Want to know why? Thanks

My studio is just a joy, even in dark times. A retreat when the news becomes so painful. When I start to lose my faith, my hope, it draws me in. It brings me into the moment, it soothes my soul. It brings me back to what I am, and what I can do. Small cards sent with love to people who may need to know they are important. Sending love one card at a time allows me to make a difference in my world. Hoping the ripples of love will reach in all directions.

So grateful for my gifts and grateful to share them.

“Did You Art Today?”


It’s Funny

All Decked Out” Watercolor 8″ x 11″ $50.

How things work. I am on a mission in the studio. Pulling apart closets, drawers, paper storage, etc. even starting setting the timer so I don’t make more of a mess than I can handle. All inspired by seeing a fellow artist’s wall of paintings. Go figure.

Recently another artist friend posted some work she’d done on her iPad. I’ve had the Procreate app and an ipencil for ages. It’s always kind of baffled me. A little past my technical skills.

But I had done a small painting for a Monthly Challenge on Paint My Photo. The challenge was to paint something decorated. Immediately an Arabian Costume class popped into my head. These elegant creatures galloping around with tassels, tinkling chains twinkling in the light, manes and tails flowing beneath velvet. Very dramatic.

I found a great reference photo by Ainslie-Gilles-Patel which can be found here. Love those tassels.

It’s funny. There are artists who won’t use others’ photos, there are shows that won’t allow you to use others’ photos. There are some who believe you shouldn’t even paint from a photo at all.

I think that’s all very funny. Frankly, this was what I wanted to paint. Closing my eyes I could visualize the scene, the sounds, the hoof beats. I got so carried away I forgot about my background.

Usually my background is part of my painting process. But in these days painting for fun and pleasure, I hadn’t considered it. I liked what I had done and would normally put a green or blue background on it…..but I do have these new colors on my palette.

Bingo……enter Procreate. That was pretty funny too. It wasn’t pretty, and I wasn’t quite sure what I was doing. But being able to change the background color over and over was a a riot….like having a big new box of crayons.

Settled on one of the new colors. Let’s hear it for fun.

“Did You Art Today?”

Every Once In A While

……. I wonder why I still paint. Why I keep all these art supplies. Why do I need such a big studio. It could all be done on my iPad.

Starting on the shelves under my desk, the abundance is embarrassing. Palettes, canvasses (I rarely paint in acrylics, let alone oils?) But there they sit, enticing me with the possibility that the next best painting could be on that palette, or will show up on that canvass. The studio is encircled with storage cabinets filled with supplies, books, stencils, card making supplies, old sketchbooks, stacked framed paintings. It’s a big room….it holds a lot of creativity.

While we’re at it, let’s look at the paintings themselves. First they go to the line….a wire clothes line with clips that hold my latest endeavors. Recently I saw another artist’s version of the line. The paintings looked similar, the style familiar and consistent. My latest foray into expanding my palette has resulted in an interesting mix on the line. (Did I really paint that horse with the orange background?) When I painted with a four color palette, they had a consistency. But I’ve thrown that to the universe, in my latest playing episode.

When I get tired of looking at them on the line, they head to the bins. One bin for the larger paintings, one bin for the smaller. Occasionally I will flip through these, usually in need of raiding a mat for something I’ve sold or promised to a friend. (We all know how much I hate to cut mats.) #

Occasionally, when the bins get too full, I go through them and decide the painting is pointless. At this point I usually cut it into 4″ x 6″ sizes and use the back to paint greeting card paintings. They go in a drawer. Out of my way and out of sight until I need to rifle through and pick one for a happy or sad occasion.

At this point in my life, these are, frankly, my favorite art form. They are quick and fun. I pick subjects from the Paint My Photo Site, or from my own photos, that don’t need to be major undertakings. I can experiment, play with that new palette, and they eventually leave the house, hopefully brightening someone’s mailbox.

You know I can’t stop. It’s just something I have to do. But every once in a while…..

“Did You Art Today?”

Card Art

Thanks to Brian for his wonderful photos of critters and birds eating out of his Buddha bowl. These photos can be found on the wonderful photo sharing website, Paint My Photo.

Another small painting (4″ x 6″) destined to become a greeting card.

“Did You Art Today?”