Floral Friday 9/25/15

Floral Friday 9/25/15 Second in a Series

5 1/2″ by 7 1/2″

Are you joining me today on my Floral Friday journey?  Trying to keep these simple and sweet. Please feel free to follow me on Wallace Studios for my weekly watercolor paintings, and post your Floral Friday painting also.

“Did You Art Today?”


The Remedy

“Floral Friday 9/18/15”

Just finished a sweet portrait and was about to to start another commission, when I passed the flowers from last night’s event on the way back from the laundry room.  They begged me to stop and admire, reminded me of the miracle of a hydrangea.

They accompanied me into the studio.

Flower paintings….everyone’s done them, they are everywhere.  The basic of beginner watercolor. Recently, I painted a sweet little flower arrangement from flowers taken before the landscapers trimmed the bushes at the property we were staying in.  In my artist brain, I  thought it would make a lovely get well gift.  Flowers that last longer than a week.

And, as I am aging, I am, unfortunately, finding more occasion to send get well cards. And, frankly, I don’t have many small floral paintings.

So I’m going to remedy that.   Today, to give myself a break from the detail work that is a commission.  I am giving  myself the prescription to paint loose, fast, and lively.  I am going to set aside time on Fridays for what I will call “Floral Friday.”

So join along with me on Fridays.   Paint a flower,  make a request, send a picture.  It just might be the remedy to help someone smile, including yourself.

Old and New

New Painting “No Title Yet”

Old Painting “Moody Blues”

My Wednesday classes started again today.  Consisting of three new students (one an old co-worker) and a tried and true student.

We did a simple wet-into-wet landscape, using two colors.  It’s admittedly been a bit since I’ve slopped some water on the front and back of my paper and let the paint fly.  It was a happy day.

As our subject,  I used a painting I did years ago in class.  It holds a special place in my heart.  My “breakthrough” painting from a tight watercolor style to loose.  It was about my fourth painting with my hero of watercolor, a local artist named Dan Hines.  Remembering the night clearly, I had thrown my hands up after my first try, convinced I would never “get it”. Dan, the sweet soul that he was, twinkled, and said, “try darker.”

And the freedom that comes with a failed painting struck with a force.  Loading my brush with tons of paint, I pretty much attacked the paper, still damp from its soaking.  The paint fell of the brush and all the advice Dan had been imparting in the previous week’s, finally sunk in.  

My painting today looks decidedly different.  Trading the Indanthrone Blue for the brighter Phthalo, the painting is brighter, but my whites at the base of the trees, disappeared, so I used my trusty razor blade to scape in some trunks.  Reminding me that painting wet-into-wet requires fast thinking.  They are not all “happy accidents.”

Old and New.  Not better, not worse.  Just different.

By the way…..title suggestions appreciated