Floral Friday 12/25/15


Yes, I know it’s not Friday, and it’s not even December 25th, but I am giving myself the day off for Christmas, so I thought I would post this today. Coordinates beautifully with last week’s Floral Friday painting.
Wishing you all a season full of peace, love, happy and celebration. And for those self-employed, a well-deserved day off!

“Did You Art Today?  


Floral Friday 12/18/15 

  It’s been a busy week at Wallace Studios.  On Monday I shipped out six paintings, (including four to England).  Always happy when my paintings find their forever walls.

My palette favors pink versus red, so we conjured up a pink poinsettia  today to celebrate the holiday season.  Are you ready for family fun, memories and sharing?  I am.  Think I need to plan ahead to make sure I have a floral for Christmas Day.  Hoping the spirit of the holiday has sprung at your house.
“Did You Art Today.

Floral Friday 12/11/15 – More Change

  In my ongoing re-evaluation of what art supplies are going to make the cut and the trip to Florida, I’m trying something different again today.  
Watercolor with a splash of acrylic ink and white India ink..

Inspired by the poinsettias that adorn all the stores.  Getting ready for the Holiday Season.

“Did You Art Today?”



Sometimes it’s not about a painting.  Sometimes answering the question “Did You Art Today? is just about the doing. 

In trying to decide if the Derwent Colorsoft pencils are going to Florida, I spent most of the time during the televised Eagles foot ball game doodling.  My initial impression after buying these waxy pencils on sale was not favorable.  But after lots of layers, and lots of different color combinations, I think they will migrate south.  Have you revisited any art supplies lately?

“Did You Art Today?”

Floral Friday 12/4/15 or Change Part II

My Mom had a way with Christmas Cactus.  Every year they would bloom wildly in her bay window.  My sister and I?  Not so much.  Since I mentioned my Dad in my last blog, it’s only fitting I dedicate today’s Floral Friday to her….my creative muse.

We are back in New Jersey, and I am going through my studio, knowing there is not enough room for everything to go to our new home.  (Spoiler alert:  everyone is getting sketchbooks for Christmas.) There are about 30 VHS tapes, graciously passed on to me by my mentor, Dan Hines’ daughter.  There is an old 13″ honking TV to play them on.  

My goal is to pass the tapes (and TV) on.  But I just know the secret to a great painting is on those tapes, so I have committed to watch them all.

Yesterday’s video was from Tom Lynch.  Wow.  So nice to rewind when I didn’t quite get it.  Today I present my floral based on what I took from my lesson with Mr. Lynch yesterday.  Guess I’m going to have to stop saying that I’m self taught.

Changes today were:   Four colors added to my palette.  Yes you heard that right. Those of you who follow me know I have only painted with four colors.  It’s my keep it simple philosophy.   Today, I increased my palette by 100%. And if that didn’t throw me total batcrap crazy, I switched to a flat brush.  Yikes….what was I doing. My butter brush (a 16 round) is my friend.  And we topped all that change off with a mixing of colors on the palette versus letting them mingle on the paper.  Throwing caution and familiar to the wind, I couldn’t even think about it.  I just painted.

Liking the painting.  Definitely need to explore this a bit more.  Change…..these days, I’m going with the flow.