Kitten Season

“Oliver”, painted from a reference photo provided by Bonnie Jean.  Thank you Bonnie.
It’s that time of year when the shelters are overloaded with kittens.  Their cute faces and adorable antics are hard to resist.

Animals are, in most cases, at least a ten year commitment.  They require the funds to feed, medicate, vaccinate and, most importantly, spay and neuter.

Before adopting, be honest about your finances, your living arrangements, your time and your commitment to this kitten when it is an adult.  Otherwise they end up back in the shelters, but this time competing for a new home with the adorable kittens. 

Please adopt responsibly and realistically.  But, please adopt.


Vacation Sketches

Do you paint when you’re on vacation?  I usually don’t get a ton of serious paintings done, but will often do some watercolor sketches.  Here are some from our latest visit to Sarasota, Florida.  Turquoise water is a sight to behold.

Any questions on why I’d like to live there?

Tea for Three

The making of a painting.

This small, 5″ x 7″ , painting will be donated to the Woman’s Club of Medford for their upcoming Pink Tea fundraiser.  Do you give back to organizations that are important to you?  I can highly recommend the good feeling that happens when you donate your art to causes that speak to your soul.

Started with a small study in my sketchbook to work out the kinks.  My intent was to have the painting feel delicate and feminine.  After all, Woman’s Club/tea doesn’t conjure visions of big, dark and heavy.  Hence the small size for the painting.

In the study, I felt the blue background was distracting and it reminded me I wanted the middle cup to be the center of interest, so I used more detail on that cup, and used my normal wet-into-wet style to just suggest the patterns on the background cups.  
Do you do studies before you start a painting?  I must admit, I don’t always do this, but anytime I have, it reminds me of how well the time is spent.

“Did You Art Today?”