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Floral Friday 10/30/15 Two Today

Floral Friday 10-30-15 One Floral Friday 10/30/15 Two

So this week my painting was inspired by Bridgett Williams’ sweet photo that can be found on the great reference site for artists, Paint My Photo.  My first attempt is dramatic and bold.  Trying to capture the colors with my palette, not being dictated by trying to “match” colors.  It felt a bit dark to me, and didn’t have as many lost edges as I would have liked.  In my second attempt, I decided to forgo the dark background, and still feel like it is missing the lost edges, but I think I like this one more.  Any other opinions?

These Floral Friday are small, 51/2″ by 7 1/2″ and are priced at $50.  They are intended to be given as gifts (even to yourself.), and give the gift of flowers that will last forever for any occasion.

“Did You Art Today?”

Floral Friday 10/23/15

Floral Friday 10/23/15
Next up in my series of Floral Friday’s. These paintings are intended to be purchased as gifts for birthdays, get well, congratulations, or new home celebrations, and are priced accordingly.

Anyone going to join me on my Floral Friday? I will gladly follow you along and repost any blogs, Facebook pages, tweets or Instagram participants.

“Did You Art Today?”

Floral Friday 10/9/2015

Floral Friday 10/9/15

Welcome to this week’s Floral Friday.  Inspired by a cute little pink glass vase found the in the local thrift store.  Floral Friday paintings for 10/2 and 9/25 have found their forever walls.

Looking for artists to join me.  I will repost and follow if you do!

“Did You Art Today?”