This Week’s Card Art.

Absolutely no consistency in this week’s subjects, or styles. Never know what’s going to come off those paint brushes, or what’s going to spark the muse.

If your birthday is coming up, request your favorite now!

“Did You Art Today?”


Let The Love Out

The studio has been a bit quiet recently. Some health issues in our household kept things a bit busy. Thankfully, and blessedly, all is well. We are very grateful.

The top painting “Curled Kitty” 6″ x 8 3/4″ $50, was painted for a challenge on the website Paint My Photo. This month’s challenge was “circles”. Finding the photo posted by Lovejoy for a reference, certainly fit the bill.

The bird and the floral are greeting card paintings. The bird has already been received by it’s birthday girl. The other will go into the drawer to be used for upcoming birthdays, retirements, good luck, thinking of you and what seems to be the growing number of sympathy cards I have been sending.

It was good to wet the brushes and paints again. Sometimes we don’t know how much we miss something until it’s gone.

My advice today? Don’t hesitate to let those you love know how much they mean to you.

Wishing you all a love filled day!

“Did You Art Today?”

Legends at Tatum Ridge


This is the entrance to our development.  One of our Board Members for the Home Owners Association is moving away.  She’s been on the Board for nearly as long as the development has been here.

Her mark is on the landscaping, the signs and nearly every decision that has gone into running this Community.  She has selfishly and calmly devoted countless volunteer hours to helping our Community thrive.

While we have only lived here for 2 years, Jim has been on the Board for about a year and a half.  I understand completely the sacrifices her volunteer work has placed on her and her husband.

Thank you KP.  You will always be a Legend.

“Did You Art Today?”

And the Card Art Keeps Coming



Colors I don’t normally use, or emphasize

Using Stamps and Stencils

Using watercolor on stamps and using the paper towels I blotted 

them on – now these are more my color palette!



Chopped up some sketches from a sketch book and collaged them 

on some paper I had stenciled


Plain old watercolor with my regular colors, and watercolor

and fine point Sharpie.  Thanks to BobbieK on Paint My

Photo for allowing me to use her beautiful Hydrangea Photo

for reference.

                               Plein Air pieces from Lake Marion



We were on vacation from whence we came for nearly three weeks.  Good fun seeing friends and family and a wonderful wedding included.  We also spent a couple days at Lake Marion in Santee, SC on our way South to home.

Not much artwork done on vacation, but I had done some paintings for cards prior, and since our trip.  I’ve been using these 6″ x 4″ pieces to experiment…..both with new colors and with different media.  While they are all watercolor, I used some stamps, used some paper towels glued onto the paper, and just played with colors I don’t normally feature.

Sharing them with you and there are lots to look at.  Oftentimes, I do two at time.

If you’d like to let me know your favorite, I’d enjoy that! And, if you’ve got a birthday coming up, one of them might even show up in your mailbox!

“Did You Art Today?”