Black and White

img_1010Just finished a commission of a sweet white Bichon, and was left wondering why solid black or white animals in general are so difficult to paint.

Finding the right combination to eliminate a flat looking end piece, and on a white animal  fighting the impulse to keep adding outlines to, hopefully, define everything better.

When painting black animals, I work hard to keep them from appearing dull.  Adding purples and blues and remembering to save the highlights of my paper to help add dimension. But the color changes are challenging, harder to see, harder to grasp, and you run the risk of ending with a rainbow colored pup, horse or cat.

Always challenging……and therefore, always growing.

“Did You Art Today?”





Christmas Commission

Supposed to be.  But my very excited client couldn’t wait and showed the picture to the recipient.  Love it when my art elicits that kind of response.

Thank you JK, as I’ve said before, and repeat till I can’t paint no more, your support of the arts has allowed my dream to come true.
“Did You Art Today?”