World Watercolor Month 7/31/16

#Worldwatercolormonth is done!

Made it….finished.  Congratulations to all who finished and/or participated.  What a great bunch of artists; supportive, talented and funny. And a big shout out to Charlie’s O’Shields from Doodlewash fame.  This clever young man brought us all together and included a cause….and he is continuing the group under the name World Watercolor Group.

Thanks also to Nadine Broeders for the reference photo which can be found on the Facebook page, Photos for Artists.

Below are 28 of the 31 paintings I did. Three had already been made into birthday cards and sent along, so they’re not in the final group photo. As mentioned before, these paintings will be made into cards and sent along to Bringing Smiles to Forgotten Seniors.

Thanks for following along….I won’t lie, it was difficult to do while moving with the added challenge of no internet service for 5 days, but it got done, and I am thrilled to be able to send them along to make someone smile.  

Now if I could just figure out where my paintbrushes are in the new studio.

“Did You Art Today?”


World Watercolor Month 7/30/16

Day 30

#worldwatercolormonth Whooooo’s ready for the challenge to end? I won’t lie and tell you it’s been easy, but these small paintings have a purpose.  Being made into greetings cards to send to Bringing Smiles to Forgotten Seniors, they were worth every bit of crazy to know they will make someone smile.

Painted using Rodney Campbell’s photo from the Paint My Photo site.

“Did You Art Today?”

World Watercolor Month 7/29/16


Day 29

Inspired by a dear group of friends known only through Facebook, the next 3 days are dedicated to the Owlettes.  You know whooooo you are.Edit

Reference photo courtesy of Paul Sanford on the photo sharing website Paint My Photo.

“Did You Art Today?”

World Watercolor Month 7/28/16


Day 28

It’s a good thing I painted ahead!  Barely have time to post between the movers and packing/unpacking.  Painted from my view from the window of the condo we are moving from. Although he was actually perched on a pipe.  Don’t you just love artistic license?

“Did You Art Today?”

World Watercolor Month 7/26/16

Day 26

Squeaking in again tonight.  This moving is taking it’s toll.  Still no real internet access, but here you go.  Painted from Sinead Mackomaire’s photo found on The New Site, Reference Photos for artists on Facebook.

“Did You Art Today?”

World Watercolor Month 7/25/16


Day 25

Posting from my phone today as we’re waiting for a furniture delivery and the Internet access won’t be here until tomorrow. 

Painted from a photo generously shared on the Facebook site, Photos for Artists by Tejal Shah.  Florida oranges.

“Did You Art Today?”

World Watercolor Month 7/24/16


Day 24

Always enthralled by those that can paint roses loosely and still make you know it’s a rose, I thought I’d give it a go for this challenge.  Feeling more like a mutant daffodil, (perhaps as roseadill) it was never the less interesting enough to make me put it on the list to try again.

As you can tell I found the moving box which contaoned the remainder of my World Watercolor Month paintings. Breathing a sigh of relief.

“Did You Art Today?”

World Watercolor Month 7/23/16


Day 23

Trying to get this posted in between moving my studio and no Internet access at the new house yet.  In keeping with yesterday’s floral theme, this painting is based on Heike Marguerite Hartmann’s photo of a hanging basket that is available to artists on the New Site, Reference Photos for Artists 2 on Facebook. As I’m ahead for this challenge, I’m just hoping I can find tomorrow’s painting in a box at the new place!

“Did You Art Today?”