Celebrating the Best

We just had our annual July 4th bash this weekend.   It was the best.  What started several years ago as a neighborhood barbeque has grown to include friends and family.  We provide hot dogs, hamburgers, beer and soda, and everyone brings their best dish.    I never assign anything, just knowing that it will all work out.  This year was no exception.  When my guest, who was going to bring dip, couldn’t come until later, another guests showed up early with corn chips and a delicious salsa.  When we disovered a birthday amongst our guests, we  added a big candle to a large sheet cake another guest had brought and gathered round to sing Happy Birthday.  And so we celebrated:  The best of summer. The best food. The best family and friends.   And the best The Declaration of Independence has to offer – those wonderful unalienable Rights – Life, Liberty and the Pursuit of Happiness.

About an hour before the party, the South Jersey Magazine had arrived.  A month or so ago, I had submitted several paintings for a “Best Artist” contest and much to my delight,  was informed that I was a finalist. I sent more pictures, did a phone interview and was told I would have to wait until the magazine came out to find out if I had made it.  Well, there I was, along with four other artists in a section titled “Art Appreciation”, with Top Artist, South Jersey above that.  The painting below, “Red, Blue and Yelllow” and my picture were featured on page 28.  But what thrilled me the most was the title emblazoned on the cover:  “Best of the Best.”  Something more to celebrate.  Happy July 4th to all!

Painting that won me a spot in the Best of the Best of South Jersey Magazine