We had the distinct pleasure to attend Shelby Gardens “Flowers In Bloom” Christmas light extravaganza this past week.  New members of this wonderful facility, I am constantly amazed at the versatility of this gem in Sarasota.

As we reached the end of the gardens on Sarasota Bay, in the afterglow of another gorgeous sunset, we were greeted by the view pictured above.

A Wishing Tree. Volunteers and peopled gathered below at tables. Writing their wishes on ribbons.  Different colors for different wishes. Red for confidence, courage vitality. Green for change, freedom, ambition.  And more. We wrote our wishes specifically for loved ones’ health. A problem for several close family members this year.

The ribbons were then tied to the tree or the lit baskets hanging from the tree. Laden with multi-colored wishes swaying gently in the breeze.

The colors. The movement. The setting. The people, young and old.  Releasing their wishes out into the Universe.  Profoundly simple.  Deeply moving.

On this eve of the New Year, take a moment to make a wish.  My wish for you is that it comes true.

Happy New Year.


”Tis the Season

Wallace Studios has been a bit topsy turvy this year….along with many others.

Hubby’s retirement, selling a home, relocating, then moving again, several visitors and a heavy travel schedule certainly didn’t leave a lot of time for arting.  With the new year fast approaching, and our lives starting to settle down a bit, I am planning on cranking up the paint brushes again. Hoping also to get in on some of the painting days that the plein air art groups have weekly in this lovely state.

Nearly done our Holiday shopping (note to self:  start earlier next year…..there is now shipping time to consider.), most of the Christmas cards are out and we are going to take some time to enjoy the numerous Holiday events in the area.  I must admit the decorated houses in our development are over the top gorgeous.  Thinking the fact that you are not freezing when you put them up might explain the phenomenon.

To all of you who have faithfully followed along during this bit of a dry spell, I thank you and hope your holidays are filled with, love and the magic of the season.  

Ours will be quiet and peaceful.  A few gifts, a special dinner on the lanai and truly enjoying the celebration of spirit in our new home.  Blessings on you all.

“Did You Art Today?”  I can honestly say no, not today.  But I can feel the magic stirring!