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“Did You Art Today?”


Moving Musings 3/23/16

  My house is in shambles.  Boxes, and totes abound.  Nothing is where it was, and somethings are completely gone. My studio is bare with limited supplies and a long overdue commission, about 80% finished on my desk. 

Another emotional, memory-filled visit with a dear friend that I will probably not see for a while.    More difficult than I thought they would be, foolishly thinking my excitement about our upcoming move would overshadow the bittersweet.

So why did I chose today to try something new?  Having been inspired by another artist, Ken Januski’s sharing of his field sketches with a sumo brush, I’d been reading about the demise of field sketches in the birding world.   Somehow, I thought today might be a good time to give it a try.

Seriously, Diane?

Thinking this should be easy.  I love to birdwatch, love to draw and paint birds, but usually from photos.  My sketchbooks include field sketching of the occasional great blue heron that sits patiently on South Lido Beach in Sarasota, waiting for the fisherman to toss (or steal) goodies.  Big and pretty much motionless, they give you lots of time to sketch.

Sitting on my back steps on this gloriously sunny and warm day , binoculars around my neck, I soon realized why this form of sketching might be on it’s way out. You can tell I am out of my comfort zone.  As noted in my sketch….could I get them any smaller?  Unsure of my line, they are tentative and childlike, not very accurate….frankly a bit embarrassing.  Might need a bigger sketchbook for this. But, alas, they, too, are all in Florida.  My little Moleskine will have to do.

Perhaps it’s because I haven’t painted or drawn much during the past several months that I felt the need to reconnect with the mark on the paper.  That’s the thing about “arting”.  You don’t always know why.

The challenge of change.  Not always easy, but you can  learn something new if embraced.

Next bit of time to myself, I’m going to try it again.

“Did You Art Today?”