Day 28 30 Paintings in 30 Days

Day 28. Another Shell Gift.

A wonderful box of seashells appeared on my doorstep. While I was expecting the box, I was not expecting the quantity and absolute beauty of these shells.

There are enough shells to do a painting a day for the next six months! Did I mention they are beautiful. Most are currently spread across the table in my studio, where we daily pick them up and marvel again at the textures, the color, and the absolute remarkableness of them. My husband, Jim is enthralled, and has been scouring the Internet for the perfect way to display them as he has deemed them special. For now we have put a select few in a low basket on our coffee table. It doesn’t do them justice.

Nor do I feel does this painting versus the actual shell. It’s symmetrical, with undulating lines and ridges. It feels full and lush. It’s just a magnificent creation…as are they all.

While the 30 Day Challenge might be winding down, don’t be surprised if you see some more shell paintings in the future. Again, my thanks to LJ for our precious gift. They will hold a place of honor in our home and in our hearts.

“Did You Art Today?”


Day 28 30 Paintings in 30 Days

Day 27, Cockle Shell, side view.

Remembering the first time I did this challenge I came darn near quitting on day 27 after doing two paintings I hated. This is not my favorite painting of the challenge either, but my paintbrush is crying for a break, so I am posting it.

The paintings are done! Jim and I actually went birdwatching this morning! But I’m not going to post them ahead of time. You’ll just have to wait and see.

“Did You Art Today?”

Day 26 30 Paintings In 30 Days

Day 26. Starfish….a different kind than before.

While it’s day 26, I only have 2 more paintings to do, as I’ve gotten ahead a bit.

Once again, I’ve learned a ton, added some new friends, and even surprised myself…both positively, and sometimes not so much!

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Day 24 30 Paintings in 30 Days

Day 24. “Hang On”

Can’t tell you how long it’s been since I’ve painted a wet-into-wet painting on a decent sized piece of paper. And it felt good!

You never know what’s going to happen when you paint like this. You need fresh paint, because the paper’s going to dilute your paint even more. You need to paint like a tiger (a quote from another artist…sorry I don’t remember his name.) with big brushes and big strokes. And then the hard part. You need to stop before it is finished. Allowing it to dry so you can find the boring passages and jazz them up with some detail. My mentor, Dan Hines was the master, and I thank him everyday I am in my studio.

Knew I wanted to paint from the reference photo in a loose style, but felt a bit nervous. So I banged out a little study before I started. Kind of like it a lot.

We’re on the down low with this challenge. I am a couple paintings ahead, and that makes me happy.

“Did You Art Today?”

Another painting for the All Florida Cowboy Art Championship Show.

Day 23 30 Paintings in 30 Days

Day 23. “What’s the Hold Up?”

Surprised you didn’t I? No seashell, no bird. Totally different style.

We had just been to Arcadia’s Farm and Ranch Rodeo where I got some fun pictures. Coincidentally, (or is it the algorithms of Facebook?) I just saw a call for the Inaugural All-Florida Cowboy Art Championship. The Universe couldn’t have hit me any harder on the head with a suggestion on what to paint next.

As my first art memories include drawing horses, it’s a fitting contribution to the challenge. The sassiness of this young girl, in a male dominated sport as she looked back to see why everyone else wasn’t ready, made me think she was going to be one tough competitor.

Stay tuned….we may have another cowboy/horse related painting before the end of the challenge.

“Did You Art Today?”

Day #22 30 Paintings in 30 Days

Day 22. Lightning Welks.

No comparisons today, just pure watercolor. But I do have another question.

Yesterday I painted another shell and started something completely different for an All-Florida Art Championship being held in Arcadia for the month of March. Not only does it include a horse and a cowgirl, it is tight and realistic. Hoping to finish it today.

Should I include this in my series of 30 paintings in 30 Days Challenge, or try to complete the series of loose beach items. Frankly, it doesn’t even look like it’s painted by the same person. More in the style of my commissions. But if I include it, I have less paintings to do for the challenge. And at this point, that is a big plus.

What do you think? Include the cowgirl painting, or go for another beach item?

Day 21 30 Paintings in 30 Days

Day 21. Sandhill Crane.

My last comparison painting. This one is watercolor, and the oil is below. My vote is for the watercolor…but then again I could be partial! What do you think?

Painted the watercolor yesterday, along with another I’m not sure I like. Not sure it will stay in the collection. So much for trying to get ahead. We’re feeling the challenge part of 30 in 30 right now!

“Did You Art Today?”

Day #20 30 Paintings in 30 Days

Day 20. Spotted shell.

Continuing yesterday’s theme, where I replicate the oil painting in watercolor, I’d like to thank Rita Morgan, who shared her lovely shell reference photograph on Paint My Photo. This great, free website is a wonderful resource for copyright free photos for artists to use.

No idea what kind of shell this is, but it’s rather striking. In comparison, today I’ll pick the watercolor. Maybe I’m a little critical of the oil painting as it was my first one and I was feeling a bit tentative.

But watercolor’s my choice for today. How ’bout you? Which one do you prefer?

We’re one third through this challenge today. We’re supposed to be having fun. I’m enjoying the challenge, but definitely looking forward to finishing. Will try to get ahead in the next couple days so I can put this it to rest until next year.

“Did You Art Today?”