Lessons from the Moon

Thank you

It’s been almost six years since I’ve ridden him. Longer still for his true and real owner, my husband. Sometime between last night when we saw him, and this morning when Barbara went out to feed, he passed over. At nearly 27, Running Moonshine, aka, Moon was not expected to live forevere. And, while there are still tears in my eyes, I can’t help but smile at the memories and lessons I learned from this smart, remarkable horse.

He loved his herd mates. Several times, Barbara tried to put him in a smaller field in a “babysitter” role, thinking his advancing age had mellowed him. He’d have none of that. He just wanted to be with the “boys” in the big field.

You couldn’t get the lead rope over his neck fast enough when he was heading for the trailer. Didn’t matter step up or ramp, straight load, or slant, empty or one stall occupied. He was going trail riding and that ws his joy.

When under saddle, he never pinned his ears at another horse…..never kicked or bit. He got along with most horses in the field or in a large group of unknown trail riders.

Never bucked or reared while being ridden. Spook…well, yeah there was that one time the vultures flew up nearly in his face when he spun around. Refuse to do something….well yeah, he froze on that fire trail right before Jim saw the rattlesnake. The confidence of knowing he would happily do what he was asked was a confidence builder for me.

And while he would do what he was asked, occasionally, just to be sure you were serious in your request, he’d give you a little test. Well trained, and sensitive, he loved to wait till we were intently talking while trail riding before trying to snatch any oak leaves while walking down the trail. Knowing he’d get in trouble, but trying to sneak it in anyway!

While my husband stopped riding him years ago, Moon would leave a pile of hay when he called to him. He wouldn’t do that for me. And last night, in spite of his tired eyes, when Jim spoke his name, he lifted his head, walked to the stall door and greeted him with a short but definite sparkle.

Goodbye dear Moon. Thank you for the wonderful memories and stories. I will keep your light, bright spirit and lessons close in my heart. We will truly miss you and the gifts you gave.


Open the Door to Winter

Winter Chickadee copyright 2013 


We are expecting a cold spell to start tomorrow.  Already bracing myself.  Fall was grey, overcast, and dull.  Winter has been the same. But not particularly cold.  The lack of sunshine has been disheartening, though I’m appreciative the snow blower has remained in it’s tidy little corner.  Tomorrow I will open the door, catch my breath. Somehow I’ve started feeling the chill this evening.

Winter is not my season, but in my year of Joyous Living,  I am consciously finding beauty.  Staying busy, staying joyful.  There is grateful work to be done.  Lesson plans for this week’s classes.  Business plans and strategies for Wallace Studios.  Value studies for my next painting.  And the neverending decluttering (which I believe should have it’s own season.)

The stark beauty of the leafless trees makes birdwatching particularly easy.  The birds are consistent – no migratory guessing here.  Just our winter residents.   Their shapes, colors and behaviors are so familiar I barely need the binoculars to see who is visiting.

Last week, through the silver fog, the snow geese appeared like graceful angels overhead.  If they hadn’t been honking, their soft shapes would have gone unnoticed. Not regular winter visitors, on that particular morning fate conspired that our paths would cross as I opened the door to witness their simple beauty. Nice blessing.

When my students arrive tomorrow, they will bring the biting cold through the front door.  Brrrrr, bring this winter on. I will be ready to greet it with friendship, laughter and art. And in that spirit, Joy will warm our souls.



2012 Personal Art Show – Please Vote

The new year is a time of reflection and resolutions.  I’d like your help in reflecting.

Here is a recap of paintings done in 2012.  It includes my commissions.  At the suggestion of one of my favorite art blogs http://www.artbizblog.com/ I’m going to have a personal art show.   That’s where I’d like your help.

If you could scroll through my gallery below and pick your favorite painting, you’ll be entered into a random drawing for a gift from me.

If I were more tech savy, I’d have figured out a way to do a poll,  but, since I’m not, if you could  just add a comment on which is your favorite, I’ll tally them manually.  The painting with the most votes will be announced sometime mid-February, so you have plenty of time to decide.  I’ll post the  winner of the random prize gift afterwards..

I know which one is my favorite, but  don’t worry, I won’t be offended if it’s not yours.    Stay tuned.

Angels Welcome 2013 with Joy and Trust

AngelEvery year I pick a word to represent my intentions for the upcoming 365 days.  Last year my word was Fork…..as in “put a fork in it, I’m done”.  Decided I was at the age where things that did not fit into my life needed to leave.   It’s the reason I quit my “regular” job in May.  The next seven months were interesting, fun and extremely rewarding emotionally and creatively.

This year I’ve chosen the word Joy.  I now have my life ahead to continue in this direction.  That feels joyful.

Angel cards are also picked on New Years Eve.  The angels this year chose for me “Trust”.

Joy and Trust .  Nice words to  launch a new year.  I like them.

My first finished painting.  This painting is small, about 8″ x 5″.  It painted itself easily and happily in front of my students as a demonstration.  To me she looks wistful dreamy, peaceful, floating and full of hope.

I’ll trust that will bring joy.