Moving Musings 2/22/16


While we aren’t here permanently yet, it’s easy to see why I am anxious to move to Sarasota.

“Did You Art Today?”



Moving Musings 2/8/16

  The chickadees are my most frequent visitor to the feeders in the backyard.  Their crazy antics and chattering are a delight. At our home in Florida, I don’t believe the association even allows bird feeder.

But there is something sweet about the idea of not slogging out in snow to fill the feeders or try to put suet in the holders with frozen fingers.  

Another Furbaby

My next commission was delivered today.  This handsome hunting dog belongs to my friends and neighbors, who gave my artistic talents free rein to pretty much do what I pleased.  After watching several braces, and looking through some great pictures, the resulting painting is a compilation of lots of input.


 These commissions were delivered last night. As I personally had known both dogs, the paintings were particularly rewarding to execute. 

Both pups s had passed, so there were tears when they were unwrapped.  But this sweet family told me this morning that having the paintings made them feel like they will be with them forever.  And in a way, so will a part of me.   The power of art.

For those who have never loved a fur baby, perhaps you can’t understand how their short lives fill us with joy, unconditional love and leave us far too soon. Their passing is never easy.  But, we wouldn’t have it any other way.