Happy Faces

A shout out of thanks to JK for her commission of her lovely dog Lily.  Such an interesting background to incorporate into a commission and a smiling dog that just wanted to keep popping out of the background. When I delivered the painting on our recent trip to New Jersey, it turns out I knew JK, bringing about more smiles.  She had generously donated some boxes for our big relocation to Florida.  Including many boxes that were great for packing paintings.  Ah, the synchronicity of life.

When I paint commissions, I always ask for three words to describe the animal if I don’t know them.  Lily’s words were “funny, sweet and balls, balls, balls”.  This is her “spot” in her garden, and she KNOWS she looks good there.

Having always said the best part of being an artist is sharing the gift, commissions are proof positive.   It’s as if somehow the painting becomes a link, connecting you with the person who commissioned the painting.   When you commission a painting, you not only support the Arts in general, (which is a very good thing), but you truly support a dream. What a win-win situation.

Happy Faces all around.

“Did You Art Today?”