While my husband recovers from a health issue, I have been clicking off projects in the house. Cleaning, organizing and decluttering. Including, of course my studio.

Betting I could paper the inside of my house with the tons of paper in my studio, I was beginning to feel overwhelmed. Three years ago when we moved, I purged an enormous amount of supplies, and despite a moratorium on buying any more art supplies, here we are again.

Add to that, I’ve been reassessing the artwork in my home. My cool blue, green and yellow palm trees in our living area seemed a bit too quiet and serene for a room with orange, lemon and lime slices on the carpet.

What to do?

Declutter and use it for Collage! Pasting tissue paper, old beach sketches, pictures of some seashells I had painted, I started gluing onto the back of a painting that no longer brought me joy. There’s even a nod to my mentor, Dan Hines. His daughter had sent along some postage stamps she thought I might use in my card making. See if you can find them.

Thinking the palm trees may go in the guest room….or if Jim’s recovery takes longer than we think, perhaps it will get collaged over too!

“Did You Art Today?”


Play Day

The hot and muggy has arrived a little earlier than usual down here in Paradise. I’ll take it over tornados, hail and flooding.

While painting card art on the beach yesterday a little girl started to pass by, paused, then asked me what I was doing. “Playing, ” was my answer. “Painting a boat, that has since moved on. “What are you doing,?” I quizzed. She turned to her father behind her and delightedly told me, “It’s family day. We’re done playing on the beach and now we’re going for ice cream!”

Hope you all get a chance to play today.

“‘Did You Art Today?”

Tough Guy

A friend who just suffered a serious fall, recently posted some pictures of her new gardens. Despite her problems, and the restrictions of recovery, the joy in displaying her colorful new surroundings was evident.

Her gardens looked like a series of paintings and I asked her permission to paint from them.

While painting this metal rooster, I kept feeling a toughness to this guy. Resolute, standing tall, didn’t care that he’s surrounded by color, fragrance, soft lines and beauty. He was just going to be who he is….strong, sure of himself…..dare I say cocky?

My friend, Dru, has reminded me that strength isn’t just in our bodies. Our spirits play a major role in how we handle setbacks, limitations and disappointments. I must admit, not always an easy role for me as I age.

So thanks for the inspiration my friend. Sending this painting along to her as a thank you for her inspiration. And as a reminder to both of us to never forget …..a setback doesn’t change who you are.

“Did You Art Today?”

Mixing It Up


Back from vacation,  I was pleasantly surprised when we walked in the door and I was reminded we’d just had new countertops, a sink and backsplash installed.  The kitchen looked so fresh and clean, but it was boringly apparent it needed a punch of citrus colors to synch it with the rest of this Florida house and lifestyle.

Planning a series of four of these to group together over the “breakfast” bar…..yeah breakfast……..right!

Acrylics are not my normal medium….but this has been fun. Did the backgrounds on all four 8″ x 10″ canvases and started on mixing my cocktails.

I’ll keep you posted on what comes out of the blender next.

“Did You Art Today?”

Missing Spring


It’s been strangely quiet in the Art Department of my life.  Not to say I haven’t been creative on the down low.

Experimenting with some expressive Art Journaling; combining meditation with creativity.  Most of them are far too personal to share, but that doesn’t mean they haven’t been fun – and helpful.

Through my journaling, I’ve discovered one of the things I really miss (aside from the big one – family and friends) from New Jersey is the explosion of color that is Spring.

Daffodils, tulips, lilacs, forsythia, and their accompanying fragrances are missing in this climate.  We have color all year long in Paradise, so there is no waiting for buds to open, color to pop.  We’re just surrounded by lush throughout the year.  Not bad at all.

Creativity isn’t always just about what get’s put down on the paper.  Trying to recreate the Spring bloom in my studio through looking at pictures, I closed my eyes to help recall the fragrance of these flowers.  In essence creating a NJ spring in my studio with these art cards.  Some wins and some failures., but it was a nice trip!

Happy Celebration of Spring to all.

“Did You Art Today?”

Bye Bye Polo




Two weeks ago it happened.  The game had started when suddenly we were told we had to move from the spot we had been sitting in for two and a half hours.  Sad to say, I knew it would happen, I just wish they had told us before we sat there for so long.

We were told  it was the referees’ decision.  Both refs have been refs at this field and have actually played this field before and never moved anyone from these spots.   It was for our safety.  So be it.

We were reluctantly given our money back, as by now any of the good seats and all the tailgate spots were taken long ago.

As we’ve paid for two more events at the polo fields – Picnic with the Budweiser Clydesdales and a Sunset Polo Game, so we will be back there this season.  Although I won’t say there won’t be a bit of sadness.  Our weekly tradition of polo, however, will be done until they get a system where  paying extra money will guarantee a good seat, regardless of what time you get there.  We could sit in line at 8:00 a.m. on Sundays for a 1:00 p.m. game and hope you get a tailgate spot, but while I like polo, I’m not willing to spend that much of my day on the polo field.

I had hoped to fill up this sketchbook with polo sketches. Perhaps I’ll go back through my sketchbooks, pull out the polo sketches and tape them in this sketchbook.  Or perhaps on Sundays I’ll just paint polo sketches from the many pictures I’ve taken ….. on the beach.

“Did You Art Today?”