Dreaming of a…..


way to express my gratitude for your support and enthusiasm. My first year as a full-time artist is coming to a close.

All I can say is wow. Thank You. It’s been an amazing year here at Diane Wallace Studios. From my first solo show to my first portrait commission. Shake in an invitational show, a few awards, lots of commissions, good sales and great students and you’ve got the fixings for a happy cocktail.

I am forever in your debt. Yes, that means YOU.

So for those of you still trying to decide what you want to be when you grow up, I send along these words. Taped above my art desk in the studio, they have inspired a year of dreams come true:

“Dream freely. Envision excellence. Cherish your creations. Exude enthusiasm. Be inspired. Inspire others. Take pride in you. Recognize inner beauty. Draw on inner strength. Look inside your soul. Create peace. Seek truth. Spread joy. Embark on adventure. Launch new ideas. Think big. Invoke positives. Live fully. Reach out. Aim high. Find happiness. Expect the best. Be the best. Believe in yourself.” – Jan Michelsen

It’s the time of year to believe, to rekindle cherished dreams. Wishing all a wonderful Christmas and holiday season and a New Year that finds you holding your dreams in the highest regard.

Blessings to all.


‘Tis the Season


Commission number four is about 80% complete, number five is about 60% complete. Tis the season for commissions and I’m blessed to report there are three more in the line up.

Painting steadily for the last several days, I’ve realized it’s time to pop my head up and enjoy the holiday season. Our decorations are up. Put them up in a sort of haphazard, piece-meal fashion. The mantle one day, the lights the next. We no longer do a tree, but use the two trees on either side of the mantle as our Christmas morning celebration spot.

All the while painting when I could grab some time. But now that I’m taking a breather before my next class, I have to admit, it looks pretty nice. Pine balsam candles are burning and I feel grateful.

Even grateful for the pressure of the deadline for these commissions. Everytime I sit down at my desk and start a new one, I am overcome with awe. People are actually paying me to make this mark, put paint on the paper. The painting magically leaves my home without having to be framed, to become a treasure to someone else. And I can begin again.

Some artists feel that painting commissions is a bit of a cop out. Selling your artistic soul by painting what someone wants, versus what your creative muse instructs.

Perhaps for them, but as an artist who enjoys the physical mark on the paper, the paint flowing from the brush, I am grateful. Taking what has always been in my soul and passing it along to someone else. Maintaining this circle of reaching people I may never know. And if that results in an exchange of money, then I’m just blessed to be able to continue to support the purchase of paint! The more the merrier.

‘Tis the season.