Five Day Challenge – Day 5

After two false starts with acrylics, I went back to my watercolors today….this was the toughest day of all.

Maybe what I learned from this 20 minute painting challenge is that I really do enjoy my watercolors.


“‘Did You Art Today?”


Day #14 30 Paintings in 30 Days

Day 14. Not a Gift from the Sea, but a gift from me.

Believing one of the greatest gifts in life is to know you are loved, I am sending out as much love as possible today.

Please join me on this Valentine’s Day as I make a conscious effort to send love to every person I encounter.

Happy Valentine’s Day to all.

“Did You Art Today?”

Fourth and Last ´╗┐Painting

From my class on Monday.  Rushed this one a bit, but I thought I would give you an example of how I translate  a photo into a painting.   My reason for photographing this arrangement was that I loved the unusual shape of the glass vase and the light and airy arrangement of the flowers. Certainly not an accurate rendition, but more my interpretation of what I see and feel. 

“Did You Art Today?’

Pretty in Pale

“A Whisper of Roses” 14 1/2″ x 11″, Fabriano paper

Those of you who follow along on this amazing adventure of mine, know I am not a fan of wishy washy paintings.  They don’t often show up on my paper.  My style, nature and personality are all out there with bright color  – fresh paint is the key…thank you Dan Hines.  Big, bold brush strokes with my “butter” brush loaded with pigment ensures a mingling on the paper and dramatic contrast when you leave even just a little bit of the white of the paper.

So what’s with this painting that looks like mostly white paper?

Some of the examples our instructor included in Monday’s class were from other artists, many of whom painted delicately with a light touch.  As I had just finished the bright and bold African Violets which I posted yesterday, I figured I’d try something different on painting number 2.

Not my usual, but not without it’s appeal.  Personally, to me, it feels like roses.  No sure how since there’s so little definition.

What’s your verdict?

“Did You Art Today?”

Two Comfortable

Soft Violets, 16″ x 12″, Arches 140 lb. paper, Daniel Smith paints.

My class again this week was mostly in my comfort zone.  So much that I painted four paintings in the span of a 3 hour class.  Was really trying to see if I could do five….but it didn’t happen.
We wet certain areas of the paper (with no regard to placement) and then started right in painting flowers.  This was my first painting.  Will post the others over the next few days.  

The soft and hard edges emerged of their own will.  A big fan of wetting both the back and front of my paper, then taking off the excess from the front, I know I’ve got soft edges from the get go.  Not knowing where these little vixens would show up, added a bit of excitement and forced me to concentrate on where I wanted those soft edges.  Sometimes the spray bottle came in handy.

Next week will be my last class for a bit.  Our travel plans this fall preclude another six week session with this teacher who stretches my skills, sometimes making me question my creativity.  One of her favorite phrases is, “it’s only paper”…..probably the reason I enjoy her teaching style so much.  So while I’ll miss the structure of painting at least once a week, I know I’ll carry these lessons forward, even if they don’t always show up in my paintings.

“Did You Art Today?”

Double Dose of Paradise

Two more for our home.  These two will be framed and reside on either side of our bed, above the nightstand.  I found some really sweet bamboo look frames in the thrift store and will mat them in a tan mat to give the paintings a vintage feel.  But first I need a trip to Sarasota Art & Frame to pick up my framed acrylic Ibis painting and to find just the right color mat.

“Did You Art Today?”

Hat Trick

Today’s class was about painting wet and dry.  The demos were mostly florals, and while I didn’t quite conquer the negative space concept demonstrated as well as I’d hoped, I was in my glory, feeling my mentor, Dan Hines smiling over my shoulder.

Wet me some paper, let me sling some paint. Happy, happy, joy, joy.

Birds of Paradise, approximately 12′ x 10″

Loose Purple Floral approximately 9″ x 7″

The Zen of Selby Gardens, approximately 9″ x 7″.

”Did You Art Today?”

Gifts Keep Giving

We had a lovely lunch with our friend for whom I painted the black and white kitty.  She was touched and near tears when opening her gift.  

Frankly, it was hard for me to concentrate as she had brought this gorgeous pitcher full of delicious, honking big pink roses as a housewarming gift.  My eye kept getting drawn to their size and scrumptious color.  

As you can imagine, the moment I finished cleaning up after they left, I was in my studio, playing with paint.  It feels like it’s been a bit since I’ve experienced the delight of painting wet-into wet. And it’s also been a bit since painted any flowers…double delight.

Roses have always presented a challenge to me… wanting to paint those hard edges, losing the soft. Not bad today…a bit of both.  But in my enthusiasm to sling that paint, I realize I forgot to put the pitcher handle in!  

The gift of creativity.  In this painting the roses are in a vase!

“Did You Art Today?”