Polo Story

Yes, I know — these are not polo ponies. However, there is a polo connection.

As we go to the matches early to get the good seats, we have some time to use before the match. Hubby reads the Sunday paper and I will sketch and paint from photos taken the week before.

Lots of people stop and chat. If they seem really interested, I will give them a business card. Occasionally, I have sold a sketch right out of my sketchbook.

The couple who own these cuties were one of those who stopped by to flip through my sketchbook. They took a card and the next day reached out to me telling me they loved my paintings of dogs. Attaching a wonderful photo, a commission was quickly on the books.

Thank you to SW & EW. This painting now resides it’s in Paducah, KY.

Just a reminder. Supporting the arts is supporting someone’s dream come true, and all artists truly appreciate it.

“”Did You Art Today?”


Five Day Challenge – Day 5

After two false starts with acrylics, I went back to my watercolors today….this was the toughest day of all.

Maybe what I learned from this 20 minute painting challenge is that I really do enjoy my watercolors.


“‘Did You Art Today?”

Five Day Challenge Day 3

Snowy Plover, 6″ x 8″, Acrylic on Arches HP 140 lb. paper.

There’s a bit of a thrill to these 20 minute exercises….ready, set, go. You’re immediately thrown into what to paint first, how to get down all of one color so you don’t have to clean your brush so often, a ton of decisions in the ever ticking clock.

Today I tried using only one brush so I wouldn’t waste precious seconds switching brushes. I also tried drawing the bird quickly with a water soluble crayon first versus painting it freehand. Not sure which is better. My watercolorist brain forgets that it’s a bit easier to correct when painting with acrylics.

Alexa is my timer during this challenge. When I get my big shapes in, I’ll ask her how much time is left. Making decisions on what details will be included, what will get left out. Priorities.

If you haven’t tried this as an exercise, I give it the thumbs up. #artworkliving

Thanks again to photographer Ederle on the Paint My Photo Site for generously allowing artists to use their photos for reference. Thanks too, to Mary Gilkerson for holding this challenge and for all the great suggestions.

“Did You Art Today?”

Five Day Challenge Day 2

Acrylic on Arches HP 140 lb. paper, approximately 6″ x 8″

A bit more organized this morning. Had my picture (again from the Paint My Photos site, this time the photographer was Rodney Campbell) already selected., and my desk a bit cleaner than yesterday.

I even set the timer for the allotted 20 minutes. If I’d had another minute or so, I could have fixed the top beak. But, I’ll do that later today. Not as much paint on as many things today. That’s progress. Still feeling my way around these acrylics.


“Did You Art Today?”

Five Day Challenge

It’s our Anniversary, I have a commission to finish, but I couldn’t help myself and had to sign up for a 5-day, 20 minute challenge hosted by Mary Gilkerson on Facebook.

Set a timer for 20 minutes and paint…..fast…..

Thought it would be a good way to try out the acrylic paints the Easter bunny left for me! It was more like 30 minutes as I hadn’t much prepared for the challenge. Like the bird, the background so, so.

In addition to being mesmerized at how the acrylics compared to my watercolors, there was paint on my elbows, every paint brush in sight and the back of this painting. I’m thinking it has something to do with a learning curve!

We’ll go about things a bit differently tomorrow.

‘Did You Art Today?”

Birds Fly

Summer Hummer” Watercolor with some gold medium, 5″ x 5″

“Caracara” Watercolor 5″ x 5″

One of my favorite bird naturalists at Sarasota Audubon, upon hearing of an unusual sighting, rather than discount it, will tilt her head and say, “Well, it could be. Birds fly, you know.”

Such a simple, concise statement. Simple is in my mission statement. With that as a background, I have decided to end my relationship with the gallery.

Frankly, framing and schlepping paintings to the gallery every 4 to 6 weeks is interfering with retirement. Perhaps if I’d sold more, I’d reconsider. But most of the art selling at this particular location is large abstracts. While my colors are bright, and my brush strokes can be bold, that isn’t a direction I plan to go.

Painting what I consider pretty things is my niche. And, quite frankly, I paint for me. If someone else is touched enough to want to purchase my work, I am thrilled, but it’s not necessary. My passion comes from the making of the mark, the physical spread of paint on the paper and the spiritual aspect of being only in the moment as I decide which color to pick up, or where to lay down my next stroke. And if my paintings go unsold, so be it. There will be one hell of a browse box when I pass.

I’ll remove my paintings from the gallery on the 31st. However I will have several paintings at Sarasota Audubon’s Nature Center starting March 31st until they close for the season at the end of May.

So what exactly does this mean for this artist?

Simply put……Freedom. Break out the paper, the supplies that sit waiting to be used. The acrylics, the graphite….and whatever else has found it’s way into my wonderful studio. Or maybe I’ll just keep the watercolors busy. They are my soulmates.

In any case, I’m plan on flying, painting on the wing!

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A Sign?

A friend posted a lovely photo of a blue jay feather lying on the sidewalk, asking if it was a sign.  It looked so peaceful, I asked her if I could paint it and send the painting along if she wanted it.  She happily agreed, and after two attempts this morning it dawned on me that I had never painted a feather before.  Lots of birds, but not a single feather.

Struggled a bit to get the amount of soft and hard edges I wanted.  It took a few tries, but I finally got one I like (the top one). Got me to thinking about all the things I still haven’t painted.  Guess it’s a sign, I need to keep looking and painting.

“Did You Art Today?”

Painting without drawing #3

“Bayfront Park Sarasota” 14″ x 11″

The dolphin fountain in Bayfront Park frames one of the prettiest views of Sarasota Bay and the high rise luxury residences in Sarasota.  The park itself draws an interesting mix of families, boaters, dog walkers tourists and homeless.  Complete with a marina, restaurants, a tiki bar, kiddie splash park and a lovely paved walk around the bay, you can always count on some interesting encounters.

Choosing to take this picture of a very happy family enjoying what Bayfront Park has to offer, I wanted to keep the painting light and bright…again, my interpretation of the day, not just the photo.
‘Did You Art Today?”