Flower Journal Continued

“Monrovia – Golden Shrimp Plant” 6″ x 9″ watercolor.

Having decided the journal with the handmade paper should be devoted to florals, our recent trip to Selby Gardens took on a mission…..more flower photos!

We originally went to see the stunning art glass exhibit with a large showing by Duncan McClellan. That nasty red tide made us skip our usual stroll through the gardens, out to the Sarasota Bay lookout. But I still managed to get some flower photos to use for reference.

“Did You Art Today?”


Today’s Floral

Same reference paper and paint. Different paper.

Can you tell it rained most of the afternoon in Sarasota?

“Did You Art Today?”

It Doesn’t Always Work

New colors, old colors, I will repeat a phrase I used often while teaching.  They are not always masterpieces.  In some cases, you don’t even like them.

Still using my new colors, and the lovely journal with the handmade paper.  I decided to try a painting today that included water drops.  Inspired by Nitamp’s photo on Paint My Photo, a morning glory reference shot seemed like a good choice.

The supposed water drops morphed into some sort of grey white bug. The more I messed, the worse it got.  Lesson learned.  Practice water drops…..maybe on paper that is a bit smoother.

What lessons have you learned lately?

“Did You Art Today?”

New Colors Part Four

Once again, using a reference photo from Medford Florist, I popped out another floral. Beginning to feel a bit more comfortable with the palette colors, so to shake things up, I used a journal with some handmade paper. Lots of texture in the paper (making signatures a bit difficult) and the book did not lay flat very easily, sort of limiting the useable area of the paper. But I did enjoy the flow and absorbency of paper.

Thanks again, to Medford Florist….not just for their generosity in allowing me to paint from their photos, but for their stunning floral designs. #Worldwatercolormonth

“Did You Art Today?”

Art Journaling

In trying these new colors on my palette, I decided to approach their use with an Art Journaling approach. A bit Journal, a bit scrapbook, and a bit sketchbook, it has been enjoyable. While, I seem to keep going back to my same four colors, and I made a very poor choice of sketchbooks (using one I had on hand with light paper), I am enjoying the freedom of not worrying about a finished piece.

Some days the sketches and writings are a bit too personal to share, but I thought these might give you a glimpse into my studio lately.

“Did You Art Today?”

National Bikini Day

While I didn’t participate, we did go to Coquina Beach so I could watch others enjoy this important holiday.

Inspired by Dory Kanter’s book, “Art Escapes”. There are wonderful daily exercises in this book to inspire one’s creativity.

“Did You Art Today?”

New Colors, Part Three

A shout out of thanks to Medford Florist in Medford, NJ. The owner has graciously allowed me permission to paint from pictures of the glorious floral creations he posts on his Instagram account that can be found here. Thank you much. Not sure my paintings will do his creations justice, but it’s a great way for me to experiment with this new palette.

This painting has a familiar feel. While I used the Quinacridone Magenta, Permanent Green Light and Ultramarine Violet (in my opinion a wishy washy color that is useless), I wound up adding my old standard, Quinacridone Sienna to get the darks I wanted, and a bit of Opera to pop the pink. Not sure it would look much different if I had painted it with just four colors and the Opera. May repaint this with my limited palette to see how much of a difference I get. Also, I used Fabriano paper versus Arches. Not a favorite either.

It’s all fun…it’s all new…and that’s the point. Stretching out the creative process to see what happens.

“‘Did You Art Today?”

New Colors

“Lilium” 8″x 10″ based on a photo from Liz Phillips.

We whipped out those new colors again today. Not as much mud. Thanks to my astute husband who asked “isn’t the purpose of having more colors on your palette so you don’t have to mix them as much?

The colors feel a bit crazy bright at this point, and in some cases a bit opaque. But again, just my second attempt with this brave new world of twelve colors.

“Did You Art Today?”

For Every Dad

Sketched at Selby Gardens End of Spring Outdoor Concert today.

My Dad, while passed, lives in my being. His words echoing often.

He was funny, supportive and accepted his changing life with optimism and excitement like no one I have ever met.

May all the Dads know they are loved today. It’s the greatest gift anyone can get.

‘Did You Art Today?”