Did You Art Today? Finding Joy

Taking a free class from Louise Fletcher. Day 2 exercise was to use colors and tools you don’t normally use. So the top painting was done with a palette knife and a razor. There aren’t too many colors I won’t use, but I picked some I wouldn’t normally use together. It was a terribly frustrating experience. Just couldn’t find a happy place or satisfactory mark making experience. The paper seemed like it didn’t want to get covered and I wanted to chuck it before finishing.

In the second painting, we were to return to our comfortable and incorporate something we had enjoyed from the first painting. What? There was nothing enjoyable for me about struggling to make a mark. The only thing I found somewhat interesting about the exercise was some of the marks I could make with the razor. So, in the second painting, I used the razor to apply and drag out the paint for the mane, tail, forelock, inside of the ears and the white grasses.

Despite myself, I learned something new!

Thank you to Becky Evans on the Paint My Photo Site for use of her reference photo.

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