Five Day Challenge Day 3

Snowy Plover, 6″ x 8″, Acrylic on Arches HP 140 lb. paper.

There’s a bit of a thrill to these 20 minute exercises….ready, set, go. You’re immediately thrown into what to paint first, how to get down all of one color so you don’t have to clean your brush so often, a ton of decisions in the ever ticking clock.

Today I tried using only one brush so I wouldn’t waste precious seconds switching brushes. I also tried drawing the bird quickly with a water soluble crayon first versus painting it freehand. Not sure which is better. My watercolorist brain forgets that it’s a bit easier to correct when painting with acrylics.

Alexa is my timer during this challenge. When I get my big shapes in, I’ll ask her how much time is left. Making decisions on what details will be included, what will get left out. Priorities.

If you haven’t tried this as an exercise, I give it the thumbs up. #artworkliving

Thanks again to photographer Ederle on the Paint My Photo Site for generously allowing artists to use their photos for reference. Thanks too, to Mary Gilkerson for holding this challenge and for all the great suggestions.

“Did You Art Today?”


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