Love ’em or Hate ’em


IMG_1496Day 4 of the #AutumnArtChallenge sponsored by Miriam Schulman.  Today’s theme was woodland creatures.

They’re everywhere.  My husband hates them.  In NJ, they would steal bird food from the feeders, gnaw on our shed, and just make a general pain of themselves.  Here in Florida, they will scamper across the top of the lanai screen as though they were tree tops.  Almost like flipping the bird to my husband!

I’m pretty ambivalent about them.  Always interested in how people find them cute versus their cousins, the rats.  Guess that fuzzy tail is the grab.  I’ve seen them figure out how to open trash cans, hang on a guaranteed squirrel proof feeder that spins them like a merry-go-round until the battery wore down.  Watched them climb up the legs and back of people who used to feed them in South Lido Park in Florida.  Clever little things that have adapted and survived.

But finding this picture on Paint My Photo by Sandy Scott, really made me want to paint one.  For this challenge I have been thinking about the story aspect of art.  We can all paint a squirrel, but what story does it tell?  My two paintings this week of the child with the pumpkin and the child throwing leaves have universally brought comments of memories or grandchildren.  They told a story.

What story do you see here?  One content squirrel is the story I see.


“Did You Art Today?”



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