Raking Leaves?

IMG_1493Day 3 of the Autumn Art Challenge hosted by Miriam Schulman.  Our prompt today was trees and leaves.

There are few leaves falling here in Florida.  Leaves are in fact one of the many reasons we moved from New Jersey.  Our beautiful home sat on a heavily wooded lot.  The yearly shedding of the little devils would consume our weekends, clog our gutters and make the hot tub work harder than it needed to, soothing sore and aching muscles.

Once again I am reminded of the beauty of being an artist.  Pulling out some bad pictures of Jim’s grandkids visiting us one weekend we were raking.  Remembering the day down to the earthy smell.  Every kid has jumped into a pile of leaves, rolled around and made a mess.  While my reference photo was kind of blurry with a pile of dull brown leaves, my photoshop paintbrush can make those leaves whatever color I want.  Oh the magic of painting.

Timing on this challenge couldn’t have been better.  Life is blessedly getting back to normal.  To quote a dear friend, “Retirement everyday.”  Reminding me also of the many  reasons I paint.  To be in the moment, to live, breathe and capture the joy that life can bring.

Have a joyful Autumn day my friends.

“Did You Art Today?”



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