Between a cancer diagnosis, a hurricane and two weeks of travel, I’ll admit the studio has been sadly, quiet for too long.

We survived the hurricane, I have my last radiation treatment tomorrow, and the doctors appointments have stopped for a bit, so I’ve signed up for Miriam Schulman’s #AutumArtChallenge.  Five days of painting.  Should be a piece of cake for me.

We started this morning with computer problems.  I love when the major cable company  mails you a big box with a note telling you you have to change out everything or you won’t have internet.  And by the way….do it now.   Problem resolved eventually, and I went to my favorite reference photo site, Paint My Photo, to find a picture to use for our first challenge – pumpkins.   A plain pumpkin  would have been the easy way out.  Instead I wanted to tell a story.  Bonnie Sitter’s photo grabbed my attention.

And then the story changed.  I felt a bit nervous.  Like a beginner, I grabbed a small piece of paper….afraid to commit to anything bigger.  The sketch worked rather well, but I dithered and fretted as I loaded fresh paint on my palette.

My uterine cancer is gone, the radiation is a proactive approach to, hopefully, keep it from returning.  Other than the discomfort that comes from four surgeries this year, I have felt pretty well physically.  Emotionally, it has been a roller coaster.  And while the first radiation treatment was a bear, I only need three, and the second was much easier.  I will be finished after tomorrow. The timing on this painting challenge was perfect.

And there I sat.  Feeling insecure in what is my passion.  Had I changed? Could I still art?

Returning to my beginnings, I took a deep breath, asked the Great Creator for guidance for my heart, my head and my hands and I picked up my trusty “butter” brush.

I’m positive I’ve changed.  But I’m back to tell you I “arted” today.  Did you?


8 thoughts on “Changed?

  1. And we are do blessed you are back….that is a very moving piece…both the painting and the writing…blessings for your 2018…I will be offline for a couple of weeks but so thinking about my palettes at all the moments….Thanks for sharing this…I see struggle there for the little one, but he’s gotten through so much he knows he can also heave this battle and come out on top…he has strength to go on and also face the next pumpkin too ❤

  2. Thank you Dru. Will miss your wisdom and posts. I hadn’t thought
    about the “Struggle” aspect of the picture I chose to paint, but now that you bring it up, it certainly was appropriate. Thank you for your friendship and support. Enjoy your hiatus.

  3. I am sorry you have had such a challenging year, and I will pray for you as you finish up your treatments. Getting back to art will be renewing to your soul! Lie riding a bike, you might be a little wobbly at first, but you will be up to speed in no time! 💐

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