Painting Without Drawing – #2

From photo, to sketch, to painting.

So while I didn’t do any sketching on this painting, I had done this sketch previously, and worked from the sketch to do the watercolor.

This is the son of a friend who performs regularly at JDubs, a local brew pub.  We enjoy going to see him play and often meet up with his Mom and other members of his family.  I gave the original sketch to his Mom.  Next time we saw her, she said he was so excited, he had taken it and posted it on his Facebook page.  She wasn’t sure she would ever see it again, so I’ll pass this painting along to her so maybe she gets to keep it this time.

The drawing itself was done while attending a local, long, drawn out planning board session at which time they were deciding if a construction recycling plant would be a good idea to put next to the wonderful natural area called The Celery Fields.   Trying to keep myself out of trouble, I had taken a sketchbook and did three or four sketches while listening to testimony and the developers defense of his grand plan.  

Remembering why I took the picture, I reflected on how I probably wouldn’t have gone to this particular brewery (not a big beer drinker) had it not been for the connection, and yet the atmosphere is fun and laid back.  Stepping out of the routine can always produce some fun memories if you let it. Just like stepping outside of the box when creating can produce unexpected results.

“Did You Art Today?”


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