Another Quartet

Of paintings in class on Monday.

Our assignment again brought a little stretch to my practice of art.  We were painting without drawing.  I had taken some reference photos of statues and plants to work from, but when our teacher started a painting with people, I knew I’d have to give it a go.  People are not so easy for me.  One year, my New Year’s goal was to work on drawing and painting people.  That didn’t happen, so I thought this was a sign to give it a go again.

While not quite as fearless as my instructor, I scanned through my phone for reference pictures to use.  Again, taking a moment to remember the scene and what made me what to photograph it.  On this day we were having lunch at a new to us restaurant called The Sandbar….overlooking the Gulf of Mexico, everyone relaxed and enjoying their meal in the paradise that is Sarasota.
Above is the painting and reference photo used.  All four paintings sparked an adventurous feel, and I enjoyed painting them immensely.  This is my last class for a bit, as we have a lot of travel plans in the Fall.  I will miss it, but plan on dedicating an afternoon a week to continue my education.

“Did You Art Today?”


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