Pretty in Pale

“A Whisper of Roses” 14 1/2″ x 11″, Fabriano paper

Those of you who follow along on this amazing adventure of mine, know I am not a fan of wishy washy paintings.  They don’t often show up on my paper.  My style, nature and personality are all out there with bright color  – fresh paint is the key…thank you Dan Hines.  Big, bold brush strokes with my “butter” brush loaded with pigment ensures a mingling on the paper and dramatic contrast when you leave even just a little bit of the white of the paper.

So what’s with this painting that looks like mostly white paper?

Some of the examples our instructor included in Monday’s class were from other artists, many of whom painted delicately with a light touch.  As I had just finished the bright and bold African Violets which I posted yesterday, I figured I’d try something different on painting number 2.

Not my usual, but not without it’s appeal.  Personally, to me, it feels like roses.  No sure how since there’s so little definition.

What’s your verdict?

“Did You Art Today?”


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