Living in Florida

FullSizeRender-8Almost done my latest painting. Another commission for our home.

This is quite a different painting for me.  First, it’s acrylics.  Not my usual media.  And, it’s  actually a planned painting.  Normally I’m a grab the brushes and paint kind of gal with   perhaps a few pencil marks for placement.  But as this is 24″ by 36″, a stretched canvas and I want it prominently displayed in our living room; the center of our home, the area where we live, I actually did some preliminary work including a value and color sketch.  The birds were then sketched the appropriate size onto tracing paper, cut apart, and rearranged several times…. eventually winding up near where they started.


The white ibis are the most prominent birds in our new backyard that includes a pond.  They wander around the edges, picking, poking and preening, making sketching and photographing them easy.  Watching them jockey for best position, moving intricately between each other without touching a feather.  They seem peaceful, content and happy to be part of our landscape.

They are very different than any birds that lived in our heavily wooded backyard in Medford, NJ and therefore, mesmerizing.  For me they signify, I am actually now residing in Florida full time.  Just like these three.  After 64 years in one area of the United States, I have been able to realize another dream. Who’d a thunk!

Still a few tweeks before sealing it, and sending it off to the framer (yes, I am actually going to pay someone to frame versus doing it myself!), I will post the full painting when it’s actually finished.  Just thought I’d give you a peak into the making of my painting and how my art comes from my heART.
“Did You Art Today?”







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