In My Head – Part 2

During my first new watercolor class, my instructor demonstrated a painting technique that she had learned in a class with Andrew Castagnet.  I liked her result, and my first attempt came out o.k.  Second was a disaster.

Now that we’re in a few week break before the next class, I decided to try to “fix” the first one.  Give that dolphin sculpture a bit more definition.  Make him  stand out from the background..sort of salvage it from the wreckage. Having used a photo my instructor provided, I rummaged through my own photos of the fountain in Bayfront Park in Sarasota.  It was then I discovered it.  I had painted what I thought I saw, not what was actually there.  The lower dolphin on the right hand side was going in the complete opposite direction as the top one.  They were not leaping together as I had painted them.

This is the second time my head has played tricks with me in this class.  The Roseate Spoonbill class had me spinning because I knew what I thought we were doing.  This painting demonstrated something every artist knows….paint what you see, not what you think you see.

I painted it again,  not quite getting the looseness  I enjoyed in that first painting. But this time, I painted what I saw.

Well, not exactly.  The dolphins aren’t blue and purple…then again, you don’t expect me to totally follow that rule, did you?

We may have to have a fourth go at this painting.  I love this park, and that fountain. I’ll keep you posted

“Did You Art Today?”


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