In My Head

Confusion…at least I wasn’t the only one. Three paintings from one reference photo.  In my head we were doing three paintings, different views, different colors, different crop, etc.  Using a reference photo of a roseate spoonbill, I drew out my three sketches for the paintings.  Ready for my Friday class!.

Not…………..  What we actually did was use the same reference photo, and change the center of interest. My head was having none of this.  When I started painting I felt discombobulated, and awkward.  By the end of class I had to wash out all but two of my brushes. A tell-tale sign I was out of my comfort zone. Two or three brushes are standard for me.

Torture.  I could not get the idea that the Roseate would not be the center of interest in two of the three paintings. Hell, it’s a pink bird. How can it not be the center of interest? In painting one I made the focus the sunset, painting two made the foliage the center of interest, and in painting three I would finally make the bird the center of interest. Hated the first one, did another sunset again. Trying to downplay the bird left the silhouette pale and lifeless in both paintings.  But if I made it darker would it compete as a center of interest? Grrrrrrrrrrr. Four tries, none of which felt right, including the painting with the Roseate as the center of interest.

When I came home I darkened the silhouettes of the paintings done in class. Made them a bit better, but still not happy with my paintings from class, I took one of the drawings I had prepared the night before and did my fifth painting for the day.  It was in my brain, so therefore I think it was in my brush. Loved this one.  A reminder how powerful are our thoughts.IMG_1257

Wondering what would have happened if I hadn’t assumed what we were doing?

Loving this class (if not the paintings produced) for the challenges presented.

“Did You Art Today?


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