The Process

My constant straightening in the studio is never predictable and hardly ever produces the desired neat result. Sort of a dance of daring today.  

The three paintings hanging out on the mat cutter table were particularly bothersome.

Two, from my first new watercolor class, are complete failures.  Should I leave them out for inspiration or as a reminder that practice is often the key? I do want to try that method again.  Underneath those two was the rose painting. A pretty basic floral made special by the memories of the gift they were.

Did I like it enough to mat? List it for sale? Frame it? The more I held it in my hand, I felt it needed something.  So instead of straightening the studio, I pulled out my stencils and watercolor in spray bottles, making more mess.  For a brief moment I hesitated.  If I did the “stencil thing”, it could ruin it.

Never being known for my restraint, see the above before and after.

And now the studio desk is covered with sprayed watercolor,  watercolor spray bottles,  wet stencils, and the rose painting.  The other two paintings remain on the mat cutter desk.  
Progress? Setback?  Not sure….just, for me, the process of being an artist

“Did You Art Today?”


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