In an effort to jumpstart my painting in Florida,  I started a watercolor class with the delightful Elaine Charney.  Her first class demo was based on her six day workshop with Alvaro Castagnet.  My limited palette contained none of the suggested colors, but I managed to do two paintings, neither of which prompted a show and tell.   I do want to try the process again with a bit more thought using my own photos and doing some preliminary sketches.

In today’s class, she talked about composition. And we were free to use whatever reference photo we wanted, as long as we kept the composition principles in mind.  She came around helping to pick photos, nixed my original idea of a rather complicated painting for a more simple reproduction of a photo I had that caught her eye. An easier assignment to complete in the three hour class, I readily agreed.

These white ibis are the most prevalent birds on our little lake, and I get to observe and photograph them often. They are a bright spot against the green landscape and dark waters of the lake.

Simple and bright….definitely symbolic of this Florida lifestyle.
“Did You Art Today?’


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