Gifts Keep Giving

We had a lovely lunch with our friend for whom I painted the black and white kitty.  She was touched and near tears when opening her gift.  

Frankly, it was hard for me to concentrate as she had brought this gorgeous pitcher full of delicious, honking big pink roses as a housewarming gift.  My eye kept getting drawn to their size and scrumptious color.  

As you can imagine, the moment I finished cleaning up after they left, I was in my studio, playing with paint.  It feels like it’s been a bit since I’ve experienced the delight of painting wet-into wet. And it’s also been a bit since painted any flowers…double delight.

Roses have always presented a challenge to me… wanting to paint those hard edges, losing the soft. Not bad today…a bit of both.  But in my enthusiasm to sling that paint, I realize I forgot to put the pitcher handle in!  

The gift of creativity.  In this painting the roses are in a vase!

“Did You Art Today?”


2 thoughts on “Gifts Keep Giving

  1. so beautiful – and now you will have this gift bouquet for always! beautifully done! I can’t imagine the real life version is any prettier!

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