The Gift 

Taken directly from my Artist statement.  ‘The best part of being an artist is the pleasure I get in sharing my gift.”

When we moved to Sarasota, my husband had just retired.  Paperwork was endless.  One of our new neighbors is a notary and willingly, graciously and happily notarized document after document for us. Always happy to visit her home as I would get a furbaby fix from her black and white kitty, Briggs.  Friendly and personable, I got to enjoy his purrs and antics with the tissue paper his owner so lovingly left in a spot on the floor for him to enjoy. Being petless is a new experience for me…..and I miss the critters.

The paperwork is finally finished, and as a thank you, we are having her over for lunch soon.  Last visit, I nabbed some pictures of her handsome boy to paint a special thank you for her giving so freely of her time.  

I am so excited to see her face when she opens the gift. Reminding me of the power of giving.

Have you experienced the joy of giving lately?  I can highly recommend it.
“Did You Art Today?”


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