img_2612Another well-attended match at the Sarasota Polo Club.  Another beautiful action-packed day.  Polo gladiators the announcer emphasizes. We got there earlier than last week, so I could get some unobstructed pictures.

Using my camera viewfinder for sketching before the match and in between chukkers, I was reminded of how I love the art connection.  My bio states “For me, the best part of being an artist is the pleasure I get in sharing the gift.”

A group of young children waiting for their burgers were so cute.  “You’re really good?” “How do you DO that?” were some of their questions.  Trying to explain to youngens that I just follow the line, I’m sure didn’t have much impact.  But I did get to tell the one young woman that if she liked to draw and kept practicing, she would get better and better.

Another man asked if he could take a picture to send to his daughter.  She loved to draw and he wanted to encourage her.

When the woman came up behind me and praised my work, she asked me if I sold my art.  Reaching for a business card, I answered affirmatively.  “But would you sell that piece of art?” she asked pointing to my sketch book.

Visiting from out of town, she wanted a memory from the day, and the fact that I drew it while she watched made a connection.  Asking her if I could finish, I sold the sketch (there was another on the back) hoping it’s creation brings back memories. Knowing we are now connected by that moment in time.

“Did You Art Today?”




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