Shake It Up

Finished my third, fourth and and fifth commission for our home today. At least two more planned, and there could be more

These three paintings were done for our “Florida” guest room. To contrast with the serene “Jersey” guest room (filled with items from our New Jersey home), I wanted this room to feel more tropical.

And, in fact, I actually planned these paintings.   More of a fly-by-the-seat-of-my-pants artist when painting loosely, I really, truly, did some preliminary work in my sketchbook before putting paint on my brush. 

Add to that,  I plastered watercolor ground over the shapes on the paper, making me have to wait 24 hours for it to dry before I could start painting. (A killer for someone with the patience of a two year old.) If that wasn’t enough new, I used some of my new QoR watercolor paints made by Golden, a US paint company. They are brilliant, even if a bit more “spready” than my trusty Daniel Smith paints.  For my final shake it up,  I painted them all at the same time.  Something else I’ve never done.

They liven up the room, and all that experimentation certainly added a bounce in my step today.  What have you done lately to shake it up?

“Did You Art Today?”


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