Single Shell Game

My second commission for myself.  There are at least five more planned.  Three for the Florida guest room, and at least two for the living area.

Which brings me to my workshop yesterday.  Attending a free demo put on by a major paint manufacturer at Art & Frame of Sarasota, a great, locally owned candy stor……oh wait, it’s an art store, I was impressed by our presenter.  Staying to participate in a workshop in the afternoon, I found the class interesting, but don’t see using the image transfer process useful for future work for me.

 A pro, who makes a living through his art, I liked his work.  Near the end of the workshop, one student asked if he exhibited locally.  He doesn’t do that kind of art, he smugly responded.  He doesn’t do work that matches the sofa.  Therefore he believes his work won’t sell in an area filled with tourists and snowbirds.  Implying what I wondered?  That all tourists and snowbirds are incapable of appreciating or understanding his art?

Contemplating his comments,  I chuckled. Wondering what he’d say if he knew I were painting to match my guest bathroom.  

“Did You Art Today?”


4 thoughts on “Single Shell Game

  1. Wow, he really takes himself too serious. I’m with you – paint for yourself and do what makes you happy. Life is too short to be pretentious. Enjoy each brushstroke!!

  2. I love this painting. I enjoy going to people’s homes where their own art work decorates the walls. I think it adds to the “homieness” of a person’s house. Many of my walls are covered with scrapbook pages of the people I love and places I’ve been. Lately, I’ve been getting crafty again and I’m thinking I need to paint again and add some color my own walls.

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