Shell Game

Commissioning myself to do some fun art projects for our new home.

The high ceilings with good hanging space, bright light and tropical flavors of Florida, seem to be calling for some different art to hang on the walls.  Already repurposed a soft and subtle sunrise/sunset painting that hung in our bedroom in NJ and added a big colorful palm tree for one of the guest bedrooms.  

This shell painting is for the guest bathroom, and mimics the design found on the shower curtain.  Started off as an acrylic on canvas, didn’t like where it was going, added some watercolor ground on the seashell areas, and painted those with watercolor.  I’ll add an acrylic coat to seal it from the moisture in this room. Plan on doing a similar square format painting with a single shell using the same process for another piece in the same room.

Kind of fun painting what I need for our new space.  While they don’t always come out as I’d envisioned, I’m always up for the game.

“Did You Art Today?”


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