We’ll See


It is my custom to do a year-end recap at Wallace Studios.  As my art is so much a part of who I am, it’s hard not to do a personal review at the same time.

In between selling a home, relocating 1,200 miles, and two months later selling a condo and moving again (only four miles this time) and the various, never-ending things to do in order to accomplish that, I was surprised to learn, I did art last year.

When asked myriad questions about studio space, my business, my plans, etc., my mantra became “We’ll see.”  It afforded me space to breath, and decide as life played out. It also helped calm the melt-downs…..at least most of the time.

My work this year consisted of 8 commissions, a personal painting for a family member, donated three paintings, sold a painting to England and Australia, was featured on Doodlewash’s blog and participated in a 30 painting in 30 day challenge sponsored by the World Watercolor Group, a group started by Doodlewash.  Those paintings were all small sized and turned into cards sent to the Bring Smiles to Forgotten Seniors group.

While that’s a far cry from most years, IIWII (it is was it is).

That doesn’t count the sketches that kept me grounded.  When painting wasn’t an option, as was often the case, I turned to sketching new-to-me birds and scenery.  The above watercolor sketch of the Buddha at Selby Gardens is one of my favorites. (A subliminal message, I am sure.)

It’s hard to do a recap without thinking about the New Year.  Already signed up for a workshop, hoping to paint with one or both of the plein air groups down here, and thinking it would be fun to gather some people to do field sketching at The Celery Fields where I volunteer.

But life IS different in Florida.  Jim is retired, the beach, and weather call for play more often than in NJ.

Rather than making  goals and plans this year, I think I’ll stick with what worked last year.

“We’ll see.”

“Did You Art Today?”






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