The Right Light

My African Violet and Prayer Plant are the only plants that made the cut when we downsized (only to upsize shortly thereafter) and moved from New Jersey to Florida.   The prayer plant has a superstitious associated with answered prayers, so I know why that one made the trip.   But I’m not sure why the African Violet made the cut.  It had some pretty leaves, but the only color it ever shared was the flowers that faded quickly after I bought it. 

On today’s chore list was to repot this plant which now sits on my windowsill in the dining area of the kitchen.  Spilling pinkish flowers constantly, I am amazed at how pretty and full it has become in the five months since we moved into this house. Proving the right light is essential for growth and flowers.

As life has settled after our relocation and move, I am looking to get back to painting more.  Realizing laying color on paper is my light.   Do you know what your light is?  Do you have the right light in your environment?

In any case, before tackling the messy repotting job, I figured I’d paint the pretty thing first in case there were any unforeseen accidents.

Think it might be time to also repot the overflowing prayer plant. It’s newfound gigantic size tells me it, too, loves the light here.

“Did You Art Today?”


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