My Favorite Piece of Furniture

Is a second-hand sweet, delicate desk and chair.  It was originally a rich maple. Beautifully made complete with dove tailed drawers, I promptly asked my husband to paint it cream. It is delicate, small scale and just stinking adorable. Imagining the life it lead before coming to our home, I pictured love letters scrawled across the top, poems penned and secret journal entries recording lives and thoughts untold to others. It’s curvy lines suggesting feminine.

Girly-girl has never been used by friends and relatives when describing me. In reality my computer sits on top of this desk, along with a sleek mouse and keyboard.  It is in my studio and like everything else in this happy room, it is a workhorse. Records kept, blogs written, emails answered. Sort of the same use I guess? 

It looks out onto the pool, lanai and lake. No curtains obstructing the view or floral picture above.   There is a blooming African Violet … the kitchen.  The only thing accurate about my depiction is the picture that sits on the desk.  But, it’s in a plain brown frame.

As an artist it’s important to me to paint what I see….as you can tell, that’s not always what’s in front of me.

“Did You Art Today?”


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