Favorite Bird (as of right now)

Welcome new followers sent here from my friend, Charlie O’Shields’ Doodlewash guest blog.

Quick one tonight.  And in hon0r of Mr. O’Shields, a bit of outlining.  Normally reserved for the sketchbook, it seemed appropriate tonight.  Something new, a chance to stretch again.

 It was a busy day in Sarasota. The studio took a back seat to errands, so this was a quick one.

Husband and I  are avid bird watchers.  Prior to moving to Florida, I probably would have painted a Chickadee, or a the scolding Carolina Wren,  maybe the summer visiting Hummingbird, or the nesting Broad winged Hawk in our front tree, or maybe the sweet White Breasted Nuthatch.

But this is Florida, and life is different. One of the first times in the pool in our new home, I looked up and was eye level with four legs of a pair of these rather large, slow walking creatures. They paid us no mind as we edged along the pool, our eyes peeking over the ledge as they meandered within two feet of the cage. They dance, they sound like creaking old machinery when they call.  They stroll and seem impervious to the fact that cars are larger and faster than they.  Amazed they have survived, I present to you:  Sandhills Cranes, my latest favorite bird.

“Did You Art Today?”


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