World Watercolor Month 7/31/16

#Worldwatercolormonth is done!

Made it….finished.  Congratulations to all who finished and/or participated.  What a great bunch of artists; supportive, talented and funny. And a big shout out to Charlie’s O’Shields from Doodlewash fame.  This clever young man brought us all together and included a cause….and he is continuing the group under the name World Watercolor Group.

Thanks also to Nadine Broeders for the reference photo which can be found on the Facebook page, Photos for Artists.

Below are 28 of the 31 paintings I did. Three had already been made into birthday cards and sent along, so they’re not in the final group photo. As mentioned before, these paintings will be made into cards and sent along to Bringing Smiles to Forgotten Seniors.

Thanks for following along….I won’t lie, it was difficult to do while moving with the added challenge of no internet service for 5 days, but it got done, and I am thrilled to be able to send them along to make someone smile.  

Now if I could just figure out where my paintbrushes are in the new studio.

“Did You Art Today?”


6 thoughts on “World Watercolor Month 7/31/16

  1. I enjoyed following your month-long journey and can’t wait to see what else you create – once you are settled and find your brushes 😉

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